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What is Double9 Books? +
Double 9 Books is a renowned traditional publishing platform for authors around the globe. Catering to all avid writers and authors to showcase their notion and concepts in front of the whole world. We make every genuine attempt to promote your book to a wider extent and aim for a global audience for book sales.
What do I need to publish a book with Double9 Books?+
Simply log in to, go through the website information, and fill out the “Contact Us'' form. Within no minutes, you will receive a greeting message or a direct call from the publishing consultant team of Double9 Books. You need to answer some basic publishing questions to know whether you match their terms and conditions or not. Once they are satisfied with the process, you need to submit the synopsis of your book and wait for final approval.
What formats do my books need to be in?+
You can submit the manuscript either in a PDF or MS Word file. It is mandatory to provide a correct format to improve the chances of getting approval for book publishing. Providing a proper format of your script increases the chances of getting approval for traditional publishing.
Does Double9 Books offer book editing, cover design, or marketing services?+
Of course, Double9books has the most specialized and curated book publishing services, keeping the requirements of the author on priority. From book editing to ISBN allotment, cover designing to A+ listing, and online marketing to the distribution process, every step is followed with the right strategy.
How do I get an ISBN?+
Once you get on board at Double9 Books, they will apply for the ISBN registration from their side. Within 2 weeks, ISBN is allotted to a particular book. It is a necessary step for publishing a book, so by collaborating with Double9 Books publication, you get an accurate ISBN without any discrepancies.
Do I need different ISBNs for my eBook and print book?+
Yes, you require different ISBNs for both eBooks and print books. Since both are different versions of book publishing, an eBook is a soft copy whereas a print book is a hard copy which requires different ISBNs. With this, it is easy to find exact sales of both types of books and share the royalty accordingly.
Where will my book be available for purchase?+
Getting published from Double9 Books is quite beneficial if you want a domestic and international A+ listing of books on different platforms. People from all around the world can purchase your book from different platforms like Amazon. in,, Flipkart, Kobo, Gardner, etc.
Do I have to make my books available to all Double9 Books partners? +
Double Books has its protocols, standards, and valuable partners where your book will be available at a genuine cost. It is a boon for all authors to have a vast availability of books, turning to have more sales and gain standard royalties.
How does the pricing for Double9 Books compare to similar services? +
F.Y.I, Double9books never charge any publishing cost as they follow the traditional publishing method. Whereas, regarding the services, they follow the right strategy to publish a book and provide all-around publishing services like book cover design, A+ listing, book editing, marketing, distribution, etc.
Is Double9 Books hiring? +
Currently, Double9 Books is not hiring. Yes, in case of any preferred vacancy for any position, you will get to know it through a reliable mode of communication or else can contact at
Can I publish a book for free? +
Of course, Double 9 Books helps you with traditional publishing, which doesn't involve any kind of fee or cost required to print a book. However, we retain the book's rights to distribution, and royalties would be split in accordance.
What is the difference between traditional publishing and Self-publishing? +
The biggest differences between traditional and self-publishing are the time it takes to publish, creative control on a book, and the royalty rate you are paid per book. However, traditional publishing is free of cost whereas self-publishing is based on charges and plans.
Can I self-publish a book? +
Undoubtedly, you can choose a self-publishing option that is in high demand. You only need to choose a publishing package based on your needs if you want to self-publish. The likelihood of becoming a globally recognized author increases with greater planning.
What are royalties, and how are they paid? +
A Royalty is the amount that a publisher pays to you in exchange for the right to publish your book. Additionally, book royalties are calculated as a percentage of book sales. At Double9 Books, authors receive a handsome amount of royalty i.e. 12% on eBooks and 10% on paperback or hardcover (traditional publishing).
How can I market my book effectively? +
You are at the right pace if you are looking to promote your book globally. Double9 books have an extensive network for book marketing strategy for your book through social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, Pinterest etc.), google ad campaigns, Facebook ad campaigns, author’s website, promotional videos, book launch events, media coverage, press releases, etc.
How much does “Double9 books” cost to publish a book? +
Currently, Double9 Books publishes books at zero cost a.k.a traditional publishing method. Authors don't have to pay a single penny to publish their book. All the book publishing services like cover design, ISBN allotment, A+ listing, Global distribution, Online marketing etc. are included on this.
How long does the publishing process take? +
On an average it takes around 25 – 30 days after signing the publication agreement. It mostly depends on the ISBN allotment, since it takes 2 weeks for the allotment of ISBN. Cover designing of a book might take little more time as we prefer to design it according to the requirements of an author.
What is ISBN and will my book get an ISBN? +
A 13-digit ISBN (International Standard Book Number) acts as a globally recognized unique identification for books. The publisher, title, language, edition, and version of the book are all recorded in the code.