The Jungle

By: Upton Sinclair
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Upton Sinclair, an American journalist, and author published The Jungle in 1906. The story depicts the difficult circumstances and exploited lives of immigrants in the country. The sections that exposed health infractions and unhygienic procedures in the American meat packing industry in the early 20th century upset many readers more. Ona Lukoszaite, Jurgis Rudkus' girlfriend of fifteen years, exchanged vows during a festive traditional Lithuanian wedding feast. They just relocated to Chicago with their extended family. Jurgis initially had high hopes for his future in Chicago. He is quickly employed by a meatpacking plant and is astounded by its effectiveness while seeing the mistreatment of animals. Despite the fact that they are frequently unwell, they cannot afford to miss work. Only his mother mourns the death of the youngster with special needs who was the youngest kid and died of food poisoning. Ona suffers injuries during childbirth and passes away shortly after. Jurgis learns that his home has been renovated and sold to a different family after serving his jail sentence. Despite being on a blacklist, Jurgis and Ona strive to find employment. Jurgis assists Duane in robbing a wealthy guy. Rats had devoured Stanislovas, who had overindulged in alcohol and passed out at work. Marija claims that because of her heroin addiction, she is unable to leave the brothel.

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About Author

Upton Sinclair

American author, political activist, and 1934 Democratic Party candidate for governor of California, Upton Sinclair. (September 20, 1878 - November 25, 1968) produced approximately 100 books and other works across a variety of genres. In the first half of the 20th century, Sinclair's writing was well-known and well-liked, and in 1943, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The Jungle, a famous muckraking novel by Upton Sinclair, exposed working and sanitary conditions in the U.S. meatpacking business in 1906, sparking a public outcry that helped pave the way for the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act, which were both passed a few months later. He authored The Brass Check in 1919, a scathing exposé of American journalism that raised awareness of the problem of "yellow journalism" and the restrictions placed on the "free press" in the country. He was described as "a man with every gift except humor and silence" by Time magazine. To explain why the editors and publishers of the major newspapers in California would not take seriously his plans for old age pensions and other progressive reforms, he used this argument in speeches and the book about his campaign for governor.

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