About Us

Our company, founded in 2021, has prospered into an ever-growing Publishing house. Acknowledging the priceless efforts of prominent authors, we are indulged in providing a perfect place to publish their notion effortlessly. We put our all into making authors stand out from the crowd and are incredibly committed to our working approach.

We also believe in providing a tranquil experience to our readers from the get-go. With our expanding catalogue, the readers will be able to find all the books they desire on our website.

Double 9 books selections span over a multitude of categories such as fiction, non-fiction, educational, poetry, biographies, etc. written by renowned authors. Over a million professionally published books and EBooks can be found on our platform.

We hold all the books in both print and EBOOK versions which the readers can choose from as per their convenience. Everyone at our company strives hard to provide all our customers with quality service and books that they will cherish for a long time.