Are you curious to publish your ideas in front of people who can interpret them better? Of course, every writer has a keen interest in getting published through an authentic process and becoming the best author. But how many of them know about a perfect way of getting published? We all know every writer doesn’t have well stable financial background, but still, they require a publishing house who can assist them in every step of their publishing. Therefore, it is pivotal to know the right process for traditional book publishing in India.

It is quite usual that most authors don’t have the right strategy to get published and struggle to find the right publisher with whom they can believe and trust. Acknowledging a process is mandatory for every author to get the best of their book.  So let’s begin the journey of your publishing process and learn the proper strategy of traditional book publishing in India.

 What is traditional publishing?

If you are looking for a traditional publisher in India – it is mandatory to how you can approach them and satisfy them with your manuscript. Traditional publishing is somewhat where the publisher analyzes the script before publishing it and while finding it perfect to publish, they agree on that. Double9Books is one of the most prominent and top book publishers in India. Everything is the same as self-publish, but the author doesn’t have to pay anything to get published, instead, they are paid as the royalties gained after the sale of the book. The publisher shares every information about the book once it gets published and makes it available on a different platform to elevate its reach globally. Top publishing houses in India are highly selective while choosing a manuscript since they put their effort and finances into publishing a book. Every author must choose a traditional publisher who can fulfil their requirements and build a trustworthy relationship with them.

what is the process followed by a publishing house in India?

If you are gearing up to publish your book through traditional publishing, then you might be wondering what the process looks like. There might be different experiences for different publisher due to slight discrimination in their publishing process. We know you are seeking for top 10 traditional publishers in India, but it is pivotal to know the process that runs parallel to your expectations and ideas. Hence to build a relationship with the best traditional book publisher in India, you need to adhere to some points and follow their process to make it reliable and trustworthy. So without wasting time, let's acknowledge the publication process followed by Double9books – one of the most genuine and reliable book publishers in India.

  • Polish your script before sharing: Before sending the script, it is your responsibility to make it correct and polish it for the final submission. Traditional Publisher not only analyze the script, but also your efforts how you have designed and what is the base of the content. On a particular day, hundreds of manuscripts are received by them and out of those collections, they choose the one that aligns with their requirements.
  • Write proposal letter and synopsis: It's a good idea to start by writing a proposal and providing the synopsis to the publication house.
  • Begin submitting queries: When the time comes to send out your initial letters, be specific about the publication house you are approaching. Additionally, you may utilize this advice to refine your query for your upcoming round of submissions if the rejection contains comments on your pitch or novel.
  • Sign with your publication officer: A formal contract will be shared with you, where all terms and conditions are mentioned in clauses and you need to acknowledge them before signing it. Once more, don't be afraid to ask any inquiries that arise, and keep an eye out for any possible warning signs.

This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss your career and manuscript goals in detail with the agent. You should be able to tell from this talk whether the agent is a suitable fit for you and your work.

  • Sign your book deal: Hopefully, your book will be approached by one or more publishers for an offer. When this occurs, you and your agent will review the contract or contracts and adjust the conditions as necessary. It's then time to sign once you've decided on the best offer for you!
  • Launch day arrives: Finally, your book will be released to the public. You've officially been published as an author, congratulations! Hopefully, your book will do well on the market and your agent and editor will be itching to work on your next project.

Every publisher follows the right process to get published but it mostly depends on the author what are their requirements. Traditional publishers can make an impact on your manuscript without charging any amount from you. It is just the beginning of your journey without any extra burden. The only thing they hold are the rights to your book and share royalties with you. So what are you waiting for, search for the best publisher in India like and collaborate with them ASAP.

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