Every person is well aware of the quote “Don’t judge the book by its cover” but when choosing a book to read, covers are the first impression to create an impact on a reader’s mind. So, the quote befits null and void while selecting a book to read. We all highly fascinate with products that appear interesting and attractive.

The same goes for books where readers are more tilted towards choosing creative and attractive book cover designs to judge its quality and get a gist of the book before purchasing it. Therefore, it is pivotal for every writer to delve into the world of creativity and create the best book cover design to improve the productivity and credibility of their book.

We all are living in the contemporary world of literary competition where authors burn the midnight oil to complete their manuscripts and want to get published to showcase their stories and content in front of the whole world. But how many of them know the right procedure to publish a book and design perfect and captivating book covers before publishing? It’s no longer that you have to design it on your own, instead, you can easily collaborate with the best publication house like www.double9books.com and design book covers according to your requirements and that’s well aligned with the content of the book. A book cover is the thumbnail of a book that provides the ability to stand out from others by creating an innovative book cover design.

Enhancing Book Cover Designs Tips for Maximizing Reader Attraction

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But the only question not letting authors monkeys off their back, how to design a perfect book cover? Authors can write very well but might face common issues while designing a book cover. It goes well with horses for courses and finds a genuine solution or any publisher who can design creative book covers with every detail.

5 Common Mistakes Faced While Designing a Book Cover

Designing a book cover can be a tedious job for an author. Due to lack of knowledge of book cover design drawing and software may decrease the quality and authenticity of a book cover. We have mentioned some basic issues that can be avoided before designing a book cover.

  • Weak composition: A novel cover art of a book should communicate with the audience comprehensively and must contain images relatable to the plot of the content. And if it goes vice versa, then there are chances of weak composition of graphics and any kind of message on the book cover. Creating a weak composition for the book cover may create chaos and not get aligned with the readers. Proper planning should be done for the graphics and other objects, whether it is related to color composition or font size.
  • Inappropriate font sizes: It seems to be a cheap mistake but may harm the quality of your book. Choosing the right font size and style is very necessary to embrace the brand mark of your book. It is necessary to present the fonts in a proper way that goes parallel with the mood of the reader. You can either use customized fonts and special colors.
  • Bland designs and dull colors: Now this is a serious concern if you are not choosing the perfect color combination that goes well with the tagline and content of the book. Best book cover colors set the mood of a reader according to the book synopsis. According to the genre and category of the book, the color combination must be set efficiently. Selecting dull colors may produce difficulty in reading and reduce the collective experience of a reader.
  • Unrequired text on the cover: Sometimes, unnecessary text in the book may divert the point of view of a reader. Additionally, it may produce several challenges for readers to figure out what the book is about. It doesn’t mean you have shortened the title, instead, make it more comprehensive and to the point.
  • Poor quality of images: Images must be selected with high resolution to have a pleasurable feel and easy-to-understand meaning. An eye-appealing image can easily advance the quality of your book cover. However, keep in mind not to use copyrighted images.

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Basic Tips to Design a Book Cover Efficiently

The basic purpose of aesthetic book cover design is to grab the attention of a potential reader and capture them towards your idea and concepts, stopping readers from diverting their eyes n other books. So every idea presented on your book cover must complete all those requirements that a reader finds. Therefore, further, we are going to discuss the basic and major steps to designing a book cover.

  • Whenever you start designing a novel book cover, it must represent the actual details and concepts to the reader. You don’t need to be too much informative and not too catchy. It should not be between both of us and should provide authentic information to a reader. The cover should have a hint about the title and content of the book. It develops a curiosity with a reader to know more about the book.
  • To provide the gist of your book and subtitle, your book cover artwork should present clear and precise acknowledgement for the readers. Meanwhile, plenty of writers may use a variety of colors and characteristics, which may negative impact on the reader due to the unpredictable alignment of the book cover with the content.
  • Use your book cover to introduce the characteristics of the protagonist and the main motive of your book. You can create a connection with the reader and the aim of your book. All the illustrations must revolve around the objectives of your book.
  • It sounds very easy and simple, but creating proper alignment of every character in your book is a must. It might be a tedious job to create a book cover design with proper alignment. In such a situation, you can take the help of a professional designer. Design rules must be inside your mind and should follow them rigorously and integrate your book cover into a better one.
  • Your book cover should have a distinct style, so here you can assimilate every element properly. Every effort in your book brings closer to the reader and creates a strong bond with his thinking and ideas.

Attraction is the best way to engage your reader continuously with your ideas and thoughts, and that can easily be accomplished by creating a captivating book cover. Writers may find it a tough and challenging task to generate book covers for them. To tackle such a situation, you can follow the above tips and still, if not able to find a reliable way to design it, you can follow and collaborate with a trustworthy book publisher like www.double9books.com. We have an experienced team of the best book cover artists and graphic designers who will assist you in every step of crafting a book cover. So what are you waiting for? Create a book cover with perfection and gather readers for your book?

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