Many of us wish to become published authors and it is a hard pill to swallow. You must write your book and publish it for that to happen. This blog will explain the process of book publishing, types of book publishing and what publishing companies do? Let us get going.

Book publishing is the creation and distribution of digital or printed books to readers. For this, you must decide how to publish your book.

Types of Book Publishing

 The publishing industry is always in the warp of change.  How can we know what is right for us?

  1. Traditional Publishing: This is most popular type of book publishing taken by authors. You will be wondering what does a publisher do in traditional publishing, after, the publisher gets your manuscript.  The publisher will buy your manuscript and pay your royalty; besides, the publisher will find an illustrator to design your book and also its cover and reimburse printing costs. The profits are shared by the publishing company and author. Double 9 Books is a publisher for books. Log on to Double 9 Books and avail all services now at zero cost publishing. It is a traditional publisher for Paperback and electronic books both
  1. Self- Publishing: Many first-time authors opt for this, but it is expensive because you own the rights to your book; cost, how to self- publish, you need to choose the editor, illustrator and the cover page designer. It is a very long process for authors to take up. The formatting and printing also has to be shouldered by the author because 100% profits will come to the author. Authors wondering about platforms to consider for self- publishing can consider Double9book publishing. It is a great platform for authors to sell, publish and sell books with different mediums such as paperback, or electronic books. Double9books publishing is a platform for budding authors to format, decide pricing and promote the book easily. Double9books publishing offers options for cover creation and easy marketing for books and one can get ISBN number of book easily.
  1. Hybrid Publishing: This type of book publishing blends aspects of traditional publishing and companies and self- publishing.  These publishers provide services such as editing manuscripts, cover designing and book distribution through revenue sharing agreements.
  1. Vanity Publishing:  In this kind of publishing, book publishers charge authors for publishing services, authors do not need to worry about editing, or quality of manuscript. Authors need to pay for all publishing costs and they can receive bulk orders for book copies.
  1. Affiliated Publishing: This type of publishing is owned and operated by authors. They need to finance their books and are involved in the decision to publish their work.
  1. Print on Demand:  In this type of book publishing, digital technology is used to publish books, it reduces the cost of print runs for book publishers.

 Now, the kind of publishing the author wishes to consider is determined by cost and royalties. After the author decides the type of book publishing, the process of book publishing begins.

Process of Book Publishing

  1. Sourcing:  The publisher sources the manuscript from an author.  The manuscript is then, sent to the editor, if it is approved by the publisher.
  2. Editing: Then, it is reviewed and edited for errors.  The editor refines the manuscript for readability, grammar and polishes the book.
  3. Design and Layout: After editing, the book is sent for layout, i.e., aligning them, according to the pages, designing of pages and cover of the book.
  4. Printing and Production: The printing and production of the book is not possible without the intervention of the publishers, if it is traditional publishing. The publisher in traditional publishing manages the printing of the book and prints copies for the author.  Paper types are determined by them, printing methods and size of paper.
  5. After Printing and production, a book is marketed on social media, book launches and events are held, so that people know that a book is worth reading.
  6. Sales and Distribution Channels:  Books are sold in online stores, retailers and digitally distributed through various platforms.
  7. Royalties and Payments: In traditional publishing authors and publishers share the royalties and in self- publishing, they get 100 royalties and payments.

Why should you Choose Double 9 Books?

The main motto of publishing is that the book should get big bucks. If you are a budding author and wish to publish your book, then, you must choose Double 9 books to complete your publishing journey, first connect with a publishing consultant through a contact form or call, then, share your strategy and ideas, share your manuscript, after it is approved, acknowledge the contract to begin the publishing process. Then, editing and proofreading if manuscript will commence, and then, designing, layout and cover designing, after which an ISBN of 13 digits will be allotted for the book, then online marketing, global distribution will be done to make sure your publishing journey is a success.

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