From Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to Nicholas Sparks: The Notebook; romance novels fill the hearts of spectators and viewers and make them swoon for more.  They make people see the world through rose tinted glasses of wonder and awe. Romance bestsellers have many things in common, a strong set of characters, a great love story which could be heartbreaking and endearing.  If you are self- publishing a book, or contacting a traditional publisher. Writing a romance novel is a tough nut to crack and not everyone can write it, first of all they need a heart of a romantic and to believe in the impossible and to live life in a dream sequence of wonder and bravado of flowers and roses. Realists cannot write romance, first think of such a sequence, then, decide a genre and start writing. Here are some tips to write a romance novel:

 Tips on Writing a romance Novel

  1. The romance genre contains sub- genres: The most successful romance writers within a specific genre which allows them to set their love story within a specific context for romantic story writing. You must place them in a context that makes you feel alive.  First time romance writers must research popular romances and read popular novels such as Wuthering Heights to craft a romantic tale, Lovey dovey tales will help you craft and envision your own romantic tale.  If you are fascinated by the Gothic era, then write a Gothic era novel such as make the mood dark and somber such as a vampire love story like Crimson Kiss by Trisha Baker.  Take all these ideas and write a romantic tale to make the people feel the sheen and shine of a romantic ballad.
  1. Set the Scene:  Setting the scene is important to create the desired effect for your Romance like the city of Love which is Paris. Writing romance fiction also needs backgrounds for characters.  A memorable scene such as lovers walking hand in hand near the Seine offers for a great setting and it give people a vivid picture of longing and swooning heart giving people ecstatic moments and hopes.
  1. Make your characters compelling: Now, a romance story is replete with challenges, how to write a romance fiction that is compelling is a difficult task. Historical romance novel writers know how to create such characters that capture hearts.
  1. Do not be afraid of Romance tropes: Romance tropes exist for a reason and you do not need of afraid of them such as best friends become lovers, if anyone wants to write a romance novel. They have to follow a cliché route, or when a love is forbidden, due to class or status difference and the big question of how to write romance is that you need to engage romance readers and that they should pine for the erstwhile lovers.

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