For a first-time author, the publishing process can be a little confusing. Most of the writers have the knowledge and creativity but they don’t have any idea to publish their work to make a worldwide audience of their masterpiece. When they opt to begin publishing their work, they try to contact publishing houses and among those publishers, Double9 Books is one of the finest and best self-publishing companies. If you are still undecided about whether to go for self-publishing or traditional publishing, it is mandatory for you which one is better for you. However, self-publication is high in demand and most of the authors use this technique to get published.

Authors who want to start their self-publishing journey require the assistance of publishers in each step of the publishing process. Double9 Books Publishing House is one of the best publishers in India composing your manuscript into an interesting book. How to self-publish a book? Are you also suffering from this question? then just collaborate with us (double9 books) and get your book published on a global stage. In short, we can say that, as a self-published author, you will oversee the entire book writing and production process from start to finish at your owner's expense and you need a well-established publishing company to make your book fully specified and to market at the global level.

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Step to publish a book


Diagram 1 (A perfect process to publish a book)

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How to self-publish a book through Double 9 Books publication?

If you have decided to use the Double9 Books platform to publish your book, it’s the best decision you have taken. We put our every effort into publishing your book at a global level through various modes. We do the marketing of your book through every social media platform and distribute them in more than 150+ countries and have a chain of the most popular book distributors. Let’s discuss the steps crucial for self-publication.

  • Share your writing

Please fill out the form for publishing proposals. Your prospective compacts, monographs, or edited books should be summarised in the form's completed fields.

  • Results of peer reviews

Your manuscript will be assessed by our experts, who will then provide you with their comments. In response to their comments and ideas, you might be requested to edit your draft—or portions of your draft—provide more details, and make any other necessary adjustments.

  • Arrangement and price quotation

You will receive a formal Notice of Acceptance and a pricing quote if the work is officially accepted following peer review. Depending on the volume of the publication, the Open Access Publishing Fee, Monograph, or Edited Book includes project management, editorial and peer review services, technical editing, language copyediting, cover design and book layout, book promotion, and ISBN assignment.

  • Typeset proof, technical editing, and language copyediting

For language copyediting, your manuscript will be delivered to Strive, which appears a market leader in content solution services. After that, you'll get a typeset proof that's formatted and accessible online in HTML and PDF for you to edit and double-check for accuracy.

  • Publication of the book online, in print, and delivery

Double9 Books are the best option for publishing a book both online and in print available to authors. 

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You don't need to waste your valuable time wandering clueless. Instead, simply visit the website to learn the proper self-publishing process. We have been focusing on reducing the additional work that authors must do and increasing the likelihood that their publications will be made widely available. We firmly believe in giving your book our all while going above and above. We are no.1 and best self-publishing company in India. It’s time to fulfil your dream by becoming an author and letting the world know about your words.

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