This blog will first talk about how to become a published author, the ways to publish what is self-publishing and traditional publishing and pros and cons of both self- publishing, traditional publishing and a list of book publishers for both.

For the first time author book publishing can be a daunting world. The truth of the matter being; book publishing has evolved a lot in the last decade. There are many ways authors can publish a book, self- publishing,  or traditional publisher, both have their pros and cons. Self – publishing is easy for some authors, as it does not need approval from editing team. It is faster, but more expensive. Regardless of this, many authors are going the self- publishing route for authors, who do not have time to wait for approval and 100% rights and royalty remain with author, but what is self- publishing?

What is Self- Publishing?

Self- Book Publishing is the method of publishing, when an author does not take the help of a traditional publisher.  It allows the author to retain author for all publishing designs, royalty and publishing rights. A self- book publishing house such as Double9books Publishers will give you 100% royalty, if you get your books sold, but if you do not, the entire brunt of the cost will fall on you. Self- publishing is an independent publishing style in which the author has to pay for everything, printing cost, design cost and marketing on social media.  Self-publishing is a fast process; one can look to publish a book in 18-24 days.

 Now, if you decide to self- publish, there are steps below which you need to follow.

Steps to Self – Publish A Book

 These are the following steps you need to self- publish your book:

  1. Write your Book: First step, you need to think of what you need to write, example: an anthology of short stories, or poems.  Then, you need to write a manuscript and consult a publishing consultant for how many pages are required to publish.  Some publishing houses allow you to upload the manuscript on the website.
  1. Edit your Manuscript:  This is a long process and it may involve many steps such as revision of the manuscript to the final proofreading.
  1. Book Information: In this stage, you need to provide a book title, genre and preface for your book, blurb, or synopsis for the book which is published at the back of the book and in case, you wish to use images, then providing images to the publisher.
  1. Amazon Kindle:  If you want to publish an e-book and you can use Kindle to create an ISBN number for your book for international distribution.

Self-Publishers in India

Once you are done with the manuscript and received an ISBN number, in case, it is an e-book then, collaborate with self – publishers in India if you are confident about your book, otherwise, go for traditional publishers in India such as Double9books, to know how to publish your book for free.  

    How to publish for Free?

    Double9books, Pegasus and many other publishing companies called traditional book publishers offer publisher free publishing services which includes book cover designing, proof reading and editing. Double9 offers book publishing services from anywhere in the world at no extra cost. You can get 10% on print books and 12 percent on e-books and one free author copy. 

    It is now your prerogative to decide which model to go for and the time involved in traditional publishing is more, but it could pay off more in the long run because you do not need to pay for publishing and printing costs. It is easy on the pocket for first time authors, first write a synopsis of 30 pages, send it to Double 9 books for approval and wait to receive a reply from a publishing consultant and then, it is the word go from here, after it is approved, send the manuscript of sixty pages and then, editing proofreading and front cover and inner cover designing will start, and will be sent for your approval, after is approved and you enter the last stage, video verification is done and you will be a published author with your book available on Double9books, Amazon and Flipkart. Write the synopsis, share and join as an author onboard, you can get global recognition and 2 social media posts for your book.  What are you waiting for? contact Double9books, if you have a book you want to publish.

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