There are many tips one should consider to join the ranks of bestselling authorsThese tips are important to stay in the game and the achieve a best-selling status.

Tips to become a bestselling author

Unlocking the title of a bestselling author is not only about storytelling. Popular bestselling authors do a lot of things to transform their expertise into a literary masterpiece that resonates with people. Create a brand for yourself by identifying key strengths and weaknesses and convey your story to people that sells, so they wish to read more and more.  Your book must be cherished by book publishers and book companies.  Here are a few tips related to the book publishing process which you need to master for becoming a best-selling author. Here are important steps in the book publishing process:

Important Steps in the Book Publishing Process

Write an Outstanding Book: It goes without question that the quality of your book is very book is very important. If the quality of your book is not very important, none of these tips will actually help whether, you are self- publishing a book, you can contact a self – publishing platform called Bookleaf Publishing, or is going to go the route of traditional publisher.

To write an amazing book, here is what you should do.

  1. Research: Whether your book is fiction, or non- fiction, you have to get your information straight away. If your research is half- hearted, your readers will not trust you. Many of the best- selling Indian authors like Ashwin Sanghi and Chetan Bhagat, always check trends.
  2. Check your book outline:  You need to make sure that the information in your book is natural and does not get haywire, it will confuse the readers of your book and will deter you from the path of getting published.  Click here on how to edit manuscript.
  3. Be Relevant and Relatable: You need to make sure that the information in your book can relate to people at a personal level. Bestselling Novel authors use emotional endings and personal stories in their book that can tug at heartstrings, especially a book written in first person, in case of a novel.
  4. Use Simple Language:  If you want to help your book sell higher to become a best- selling author, then, as far as possible, use simple language which will be easier for the average reader to understand. Humor can also be added to engage the reader, for instance, best- selling mystery authors use humour in their writings, for instance Agatha Christie used gothic themes, dark humour and quirky characters.

Create a Strong Author Platform: This is an important step and this can be done, after writing.  After your book is published, share your book on different social media platforms to gain wide access such as using YouTube to talk about topics they are passionate about and connecting with your target readers.

Remember Time is Crucial: Imagine publishing a book about pandemic in the early 2000s, it would not have worked, but the book on this theme would have worked from 2020 to late 2021.

Carefully Plan your Book Launch Campaign: Promoting your book effectively is important for boosting its sales.

Guide to Create a Book Launch Campaign

 Create anticipation for your book on all social media platforms

  1. Create a strong online presence: Author needs to have his/ her own website.
  2. Create a Buzz:  Use various channels to plan a successful book launch. Apart from social media, contact media outlets to create a buzz.  They can do interviews with podcasters and video bloggers, where you can discuss the topic, you were required to write.
  3.  Organise a book launch team:  Authors must send advanced copies for people, who wish to read.  You can also see book review such as Netgalley.
  4. Make a Book Trailer: A short video trailer about the book can attract more readers, than you can imagine.  Post a hashtag with your book.

Examples of Best- Selling Books and Their Authors

  1. Tale of Two cities: It was written by Charles Dickens, one of the best- selling author in the time, when it published and still remains popular. It was the age of foolishness. This book is an account of historical fiction and tragedy in London.
  2. Harry Potter Book Series: This book series became an international bestseller with selling 500 million copies worldwide and the magic lies in the characters and the plots and, then it was marketed a lot on social media and movies were made on his books.

So, if you want to become a best- selling author with Double 9 Books, then, write a book synopsis, create a manuscript, send it to Double 9 Books, after approval, editing, proofreading, interior cover designing and front cover, after which an ISBN number will be applied and then, it will be live.

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