So, are you done with your writing section and planning to publish your notion to influence the whole world? Do you have any strategy to publish your book without any discrepancies? If not, then don’t worry, Double9 Books can help you achieve your dreams by publishing your book at a global level. One might follow a traditional route to Publish a Book in India being a novice writer who doesn’t have much information about the publishing process.  Having a misconception of taking too much time to publish a book through traditional publishing might confuse whether to rely on it or not. Too much miss guidance of peers and veterans can diverge your mind from traditional publishing to self-publishing. However, it doesn’t mean that self-publishing is a bad idea to publish, but might be slightly risky, as publishing houses charge extra amounts and high packages to make your work easier. If you are planning to Publish a Novel on Double9 Books Publication, then don’t worry, we will assist you in every step of your publication process at zero cost. We mainly focus on traditional publishing to assist all novice writers in achieving their dreams and following a fluent process of book publishing without any discrepancies. We don’t want readers to get trapped in financial burdens.

As a writer, you will have several notions in different book genres to publish including romantic, thriller, science fiction, drama, poetry, action, adventure, biography etc. Now you can accomplish your goal by publishing your book through by publishing genres in which you have the expertise. Are you thinking about How to Publish a Book through Double9 Books Publication? Don’t worry, further in this blog, we will discuss every step that will assist you in publishing a book with ease.

Still Confused about How to Publish a Book? Connect with Double9 Books and Get Published at Zero Cost!

Most Comprehensive Steps to Publish a Book in India Through Double9 Book Publication

We are going to discuss a brief overview of the main steps that are involved in publishing with a Double9 Books publication. Every step should be flowed with the right strategy to eliminate the chances of rejection. However, Double9 Books provides the most comprehensive ways to deal with the publishing process to make it easier for any writer to publish without any state of confusion:

  • Send your Proposal: The very first step to begin with the publishing process, you need to complete the proposal form where you will share the intention, book title, base of the content and future aspects related to your book. once the proposal is accepted by Double9 Books, you will receive a call from a consultant who will explain all the best scenarios for your content to get published in the right way.
  • Submit your Manuscript: Once you get the confirmation from our experts, you need to submit the well-edited and proofread manuscript to us. Apart from this, you need to mention everything required in the script.
  • Acceptance and Price Quote: After peer review, if the manuscript is officially accepted, you will get a formal Notice of Acceptance and a pricing estimate. The process will undergo traditional publishing where an author doesn’t have to pay anything and enjoys free-of-cost services to publish a book in India and even worldwide.
  • Signing the Agreement: It is advantageous for both parties to have a written agreement outlining how the content will be used. An author agreement is defined. The conditions and rights of the publication and the author regarding who owns the copyright of an article and how the content may be used in the future are spelt out in an author agreement.
  • Language Copy Editing, Proofreading: For language copyediting, your manuscript will be delivered to Straive, a market leader in content solution services. After that, you'll get a typeset proof that's formatted in XML and accessible online in HTML and PDF for you to edit and double-check for accuracy. Your manuscript's first typeset proof should be accessible ten days after it was initially submitted.
  • Online Publication, Print and Delivery of Book: The moment all the steps are processed appropriately, it’s up to you whether you need to publish the book online or in printed edition. If you want to order the copies, they will be delivered through our delivery partners at a cost price.

Collaborate with Double9 Books and Accomplish Your Dream!

The above-mentioned publishing steps are the best way to publish your book appropriately. In this case, picking the right publication is crucial. If you are still confused, about How to Publish a Book Through Double9 Books, you can directly contact our experts to get a proper path of publication process.  Connecting with Double9 Books Publication is the finest approach to publishing a book, whether through self-publishing or traditional publication. Double9 Books has published more than 3200 books, and we have many author’s testimonials. Allow yourself to publish your thoughts using the appropriate methodology and approach. Join us to start your journey and address any pressing issues that come up while publishing your book.

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