It’s a dream for every author to reach new heights in their writing career and become a best-seller author globally. From the decades, it sounds very easy to get published that actually won’t seem like it. Publishing a book becomes a tough challenge for the authors due to financial instability, clueless publishing process, lack of marketing strategy and many more. Among all the issues, financial instability is a major concern when authors don’t have enough amount to give to publishers for publishing and the question remains unsolved inside every author’s mind, how can I get a book published for free? Most novice authors publishing their first book get into the crisis of the proper publishing process.

As we all know, self-publishing is highly in trend where an author pays a lump-sum amount to the publisher to avail the services like cover design, in-design, ISBN allotment, book listing, global distribution and even the marketing segment. But it is easy for veteran or financially stable authors, not for novice and unstable authors. Therefore, in this blog, we will be discussing a proper and authentic way to publish your book for free and how can you connect with top publication houses in India for traditional publishing. Additionally, we will be discussing the significance of traditional publishing (cost-free publishing) to answer the uncharted question how can I get a book published for free? and start your writing journey without any hesitation.  

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Why traditional publishing is also known as free book publication?

The prime objective of an author is to get published anyhow without any restriction, but what if they are not able to pay a lump-sum amount for publishing a book at its best? Here comes traditional publishing as a boon for authors by publishing their books without paying a single penny. Traditional publishing houses are also known as free book publishing houses since they bear all the direct costs required to publish a book efficiently. Choosing traditional publishing doesn’t mean reducing the probability of getting famous and sales of your book. All the services will be the same as self-publishing, just the difference will be in the distribution of royalties with the author. Somewhere it is mandatory to charge less royalties to the author due to all the costs from first to last while the publishing process is borne by the publisher.

Once a publisher analyses a manuscript and gets accepted for further publishing process, they take care of every single process required for publishing it. The author still might have some confusion and trust issues for publishing a book for free, but traditional publishing is one of the oldest and most authentic methods of getting published established earlier than the entry of the self-publishing trend. Round services are the biggest advantage of publishing a book through traditional publishing that too without any cost such as cover page design, ISBN allotment, In-designing, distribution, listing and marketing. the whole process will be done accurately. The only thing you might struggle with is getting acceptance from them to publish since they are highly selective in choosing the manuscript.

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Key considerations for traditional publishing:

  • Design your script with perfection to get acceptance from them and grab the deal to collaborate with a free book publication.
  • Since the publisher bears all the direct costs for publishing, so you might get lower royalties between 7% to 10%.
  • Authors have little control over their books since all the rights are reserved with the publisher.
  • It may take a little longer time to publish a book through a free book publishing website, but a golden opportunity to get published without spending a single penny.
  • Traditional publishing is the best way for novice writers to publish their first book for the experiment and get monkeys off their backs.

Crucial steps to get published for free through top publication houses in India

Now I am sure that you will follow the right direction for getting published for free without getting stuck in a state of confusion anymore. No need to hesitate, just start your writing journey with India’s best free publishing house. Here are some steps to get free publishing:

  • Polish and finish your script perfectly: Traditional publisher are very selective in choosing the manuscript and spend their money to publish your book for free of cost. So before you submit your manuscript to them, it should be well written without any errors and polish it with your best efforts. Never, share the incomplete manuscript with them, it can create a negative impact.
  • Convey your strategy and goal: It is very pivotal to share your goals and strategy for the book you are going to publish. It is mandatory to tell all your desires to get published for free. You can provide them with how you are going to be part of their publishing house and what are your future goals regarding the book. Also, share the marketing strategy with them to diversify the horizons of the book as much as possible in your community through social media.
  • Sign the book deal: Once your script gets selected, the next step is to sign the publication agreement and before signing it, read out all the clauses and terms & conditions appropriately. You need to adhere to the guidelines of the publication house without any confusion at a later stage.
  • Cooperate arduously: Whenever there is a requirement for some important information by the publisher, you must cooperate with them properly and provide all the necessary information on time. It will create a healthy relationship and great bonding with them. They will also take your book more seriously and do their best to publish your book without any discrepancies.

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