Book publishing services have enabled several authors to publish their books without any discrepancy and provide the most efficient way to self-publish a book. A reader enrolled for either traditional or self-publish seeks a reputed and reliable publisher to tackle all those hurdles faced while publishing a book. You might face several issues while publishing a book without any collaboration with the publisher. We “Double9 Books” have been the best book publishers in India who provide for publishing a book on a global platform. We understand the major issues faced by an author and help them in various ways to publish their book without any discrepancies. Double9 Books put their every hearted effort into publishing the notions of every author to a greater extent.

The process of publishing, marketing, printing, and distribution of books seems to be complex for an author to understand. Therefore, Double 9 Books provides you with a complete package through which you can enjoy every service required for publishing a book and beginning your career as a profound author. But today we will be focusing on some most common issues faced by the author and how can you tackle them.

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The most common problems faced by authors while publishing a book

  • Research and analysis: The very first problem faced by most of the authors is the lack of research work and analysis of the content of the book they are planning to write. No book is ever meant for everyone and is likely to sell to the target audience. Therefore, before writing a book it is mandatory to know the requirements and interests of the readers so that you can mould it accordingly. So the first step is to know which way the wind blows and what your notions can attract the readers. To tackle such a situation, you can join the community of some potential readers and writers. Also surfing on the internet is a simplified process to get the gist about such activities.
  • Book cover design: You must be familiar with the proverb, don’t judge the book with its cover! but that’s the only thing people mostly focus on. Having an eye-appealing and presentable cover is the best way to grab the attention of readers and help them know what the book is about. But most writers don’t have any idea regarding the book cover design, therefore in such a situation, you can take the assistance of book publishers to design attractive covers. Due to the unavailability of authentic tools to design book covers, it also falls under one of the most common self-publishing problems.
  • Book formatting: Ahhhh! How can we forget such a major issue while self-publishing vs traditional publishing? Poorly designed books are the worst for readers. Consider margins, line spacing, text justification, font size, and uniformity in titles, headings, and subheadings when designing your book. Consider the arrangement of the images as well as their explanation. Avoid contradictions, such as placing a caption below one image while placing one on the side. Consistencies and improper formatting in books detract from the reading experience in addition to being unpleasant to the eye. To deal with the book formatting process collaborating with Double9 Books publication is the best option to format it appropriately.
  • Book description: Another major issue, is when the author is not able to provide a book description properly. Give the book description considerable thought, just as you would the book cover, as it serves as a vital tool for attracting readers. For the back cover description, most software packages limit you to 4000 characters. Use it wisely to explain to your readers the topic of the book and the benefits of reading it. Even if you may be an expert on the subject of the book, writing the back cover description could be challenging because you need to incorporate a suitable sales pitch.
  • Marketing of books: I don’t think, any problem is more constant than book marketing. Every writer is seeking a good marketing book to make readers aware of the published book and increase the sale of it. There might be a difference between self-publishing vs traditional publishing book marketing, as book publication companies have several connections and social media power to market your book at a very low cost. You can promote your eBook using your social media profiles. Use the social media platforms where you are most likely to come across your audience out of the many available. If you are seeking an authentic and reliable book publisher, then connect with Double9 Books publication as the best book publisher in India and help you to publish the book on a global stage.

All of the above-mentioned usual problems that authors encounter when they publish a book happen rather frequently. In this case, picking the right publication is crucial. But you might be confused, about how to choose self-publish vs traditional publishing. Both of them have their own merits and demerits. The best way to publish a book, whether through self-publishing or traditional publishing, is to connect with Double9 Books Publication. More than 3200 books have been published by Double9books, and we have numerous author endorsements. Allow yourself to publish your ideas using the right approach and strategy. Begin your adventure with us and address any significant issue that arises during the book publication process.

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