Book covers are the important parts of the book because they help create a good impression on a reader. The first thing readers check is the cover of the book, if a book cover design is enticing and eye catching, it immediately attracts readers and they are curious to know more about the book. Book covers should be attractive and exciting to attract attention.

Why is Book Cover Designing Important ?

Creating a cover for a book is very helpful for the author because all important points are mentioned on the cover.  Avoiding the right strategy of designing a book cover can lead to the downfall and the right message cannot be delivered to the readers.

  1. Makes the Reader Curious: When many books are hitting the market, a striking book cover can make a high impact on the sales of the book.  An intriguing book cover can easily attract the attention of the readers.
  2. The Binding Remains Intact: The spine of books remains long lasting and a good cover makes it strong enough to retain binding. 
  3. A Peek into the Book:  A good cover gives a glimpse into the book and the central idea of the book is depicted on the book cover.
  4. A Cover provides important Details: The information of the book should be clear on the cover and its layout. The layout of the story must be there on the cover.

Designing a Book Cover for Free

Before designing a cover, it is important to know the basic details of your book, if you are interested in publishing paperback, hardcover, or case bound. The front, cover back cover and the spine are the required components of a cover.  When, you design a book cover, you can use any graphic design, or an abstract pattern.  To design a book cover for free, you can start with the following steps:

  1. Fotor: We all know the saying: ‘’Do not judge by a book by its cover’’, but when it comes to selecting and purchasing a book; a cover is very important. Fortunately, the online book cover maker makes it fast to create eye catching designs. It has a library of premade covers for all genres and styles, you can find the right design for your book easily and for whichever book you are writing: A Science Fiction novel, a fantasy novel and then you can also look for a novel cover maker on this website. Fotor’s cover is easy to use and packed with powerful features to make a great cover that can go a long way to have a positive impact on the reach of your book. You do not require any design experience and freely change the cover in any way, you want to bring it your life. You can choose from royalty free photos, illustrations, fonts and can upload your book images.  You can make your own cover with a free book cover creator.
  1. Visme:  This website has a book cover generator online and it has a fantastic tool for creating great book covers. It is helpful for both print, or digital formats and it has a variety of templates.  These templates control the overall design and help your cover stand out to readers, who are enthusiastic.  You can add text, visuals and beautiful fonts for your book cover and you can customize every aspect, including font styles and colours.
  1. Pixelied: Designing e book covers on photoshop, or on illustrator takes a lot of effort, if you are not a designer.  Online e book cover creator on Pixelied makes it easy for people to create e book covers, if you do not anything about design principles, fonts, or color pairings, just upload and edit images, text and select a style and you will be done in a second, it would not take much time.
  1. Picsart: The question must be plaguing your mind, after writing an e book is using a digital book cover maker to make a e book cover from various templates and create a unique cover that is not easy to forget.
  1. Flipsnack:  First create an account and to choose a size for your book cover.  Books come in all shapes and sizes and select a size for book cover, or template to make a book cover page, or design a cover page from scratch. If you are happy with the design, you can upload the book content online and cover page maker will set your sights. 

A book cover is not just a cover, it lures people online and draws readers. Creating book covers from scratch can be difficult and Double9books can help in this case. It can help make your cover enticing and captivating and use proper simulation to create your book cover. It has extensive experience in cover designing and illustrating. Save valuable time and contact Double9books, after you have completed writing your book.

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