Are you a person inscribed with great notions and several ideas? but don’t have a platform to share with the people of same interest. Don’t worry, now you can present your ideas and notions by writing a book and we will provide you a perfect platform to publish that. Every day Authors and writers come up with fascinating ideas and curate books that can connect with their audience with great bonding. Whereas for publishing a book in India, an author always seeks for some reliable and top book publishers in India, which can assist them at each step of their publishing process. Therefore, Double9 Books is presenting a perfect platform for all avid global authors and writers to share their scripts and publish globally. We provide a most user-friendly platform to all authors where they can easily get published at the highest level. With our great efforts and commitment to providing a buzz to your book, Double9 Books is one of the best book publishers in India.

What does a book publisher do?

Publisher plays a pivotal role in creating your manuscript into a masterpiece by publishing it globally and targeting the audience according to your published genre. As we all know the book publishing process can be a little hectic and flummoxing for novice authors, therefore you have a one-stop solution to collaborate with top book publishers in India and Double9 Book is one of them. When an author gets in contact with a publisher, they help you collect all materials and content required for your book to get published without any discrepancies. Among the top 10 publishers in India, Double9 Books has created a long-lasting impact on every author by providing top-notch book publishing services. A publisher can help you determine the growth of your script and target the right audience to heighten the sales of your book. Once you provide the manuscript to a publisher, they analyze it properly and define the quality to estimate the sale and growth of that particular book. If you are seeking a famous book publisher in India, Double9 Books must be your first choice to start with, as they majorly focus on traditional publishing which is best for all types of authors, especially for novice ones.

Why Double9 Books is the best publisher in India for new writers?

Double 9 Books believes in the ideology “work together, grow together” where the publisher and author connect and establish cooperation to achieve new heights in publishing and create an incredible buzz over the market. With a diverse range of different expertise required in book publishing, you can achieve high sales for your book. With an exceptional level of publicity, marketing and distribution of your book will create an impact on the sales of your book. However, sometimes, authors do not find a reliable and trustworthy platform to publish their books globally. To address all the queries regarding book publication, Double9 Books elaborates on its complete procedure and services which makes the stand out from any other publisher and become the best publishing house in India. so what are you waiting for, check out our website and enjoy the world of literature.

What are the book publishing services provided by Double9 Books?

When it comes to publishing a book globally, double9 Books contributes to each step for the successful publication of the book. Several services help authors to get a one-stop solution for publishing a book conveniently. Let’s discuss some major services provided by top publishing houses in India like Double 9 book publication.

  • Production: When authors submit their manuscripts to us, we work closely with our experts and editors to analyze the quality of content and how much can it impress the readers. Making every crucial decision should not hamper the manuscript of the author. We take it quite confidential and produce good feedback on the strength of your manuscript.
  • Design: Once the manuscript is selected, our experienced designers will design the cover as per your recommendation and content requirements. We design covers that grab the attention of readers at first view and create long-lasting impressions. Along with this, we also In Design the format and paragraph alignment of the whole manuscript.
  • Publicity and marketing: marketing is the base for improving the sales and visibility of a book through online or offline methods. Our team of marketing experts creates the best strategy and methods to market your book at a global level. Several multi-channel campaigns create excitement among fans and seek out new readers.
  • Distribution of books: now this is somewhat most of the authors want to have it appropriately and globally. We have major collaborations with several international distributors and list your book on major online platforms. for your better consideration, you can take the examples of the top 10 publishers in India and out of them, Double9 Books has the most collaboration with more than 250+ global distributors.

Double9 book puts a wholehearted effort into introducing novice and veteran authors to new readers and increasing the audience. We are always available to make your work well-developed and create a buzz around the globe. Our author’s testimonials and reviews are the sign of becoming the best publisher in India. So what are you waiting for, just log into www.double9books and get published today!

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