Whoso Findeth A Wife

By: William Le Queux
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About the Book

"Whoso Findeth a Wife" is a book by the famous British author William Le Queux, who wrote a lot of spy and mystery books in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The book, which came out in 1898, is a captivating mix of romance, mystery, and social commentary. The main characters, Richard Vryn and Viola Vernon, are at the center of the story. A rich man named Vryn is disappointed by how shallow London society is, while a charming and independent woman named Viola wants to become a famous artist. Through a string of lucky encounters, their paths cross, and they end up falling in love. Set in the Edwardian era, Le Queux's story is about love, social class, and what people think is right or wrong. The book explores the problems and social norms that the characters have to deal with as they start dating, which leads to an interesting look at the limits and standards that people in that society have. The book is a mix of romance and social commentary. It shows what the top classes in Edwardian England had to deal with in terms of expectations and restrictions. Le Queux's stories are known for their interesting plots, well-developed characters, and smart notes about the social norms and class differences of the time.

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About Author

William Le Queux

Anglo-French journalist and author William Tufnell Le Queux was born on July 2, 1864, and died on October 13, 1927. He was also a diplomat (honorary consul for San Marino), a traveler (in Europe, the Balkans, and North Africa), a fan of flying (he presided over the first British air meeting at Doncaster in 1909), and a wireless pioneer who played music on his own station long before radio was widely available. However, he often exaggerated his own skills and accomplishments. The Great War in England in 1897 (1894), a fantasy about an invasion by France and Russia, and The Invasion of 1910 (1906), a fantasy about an invasion by Germany, are his best-known works. Le Queux was born in the city. The man who raised him was English, and his father was French. He went to school in Europe and learned art in Paris from Ignazio (or Ignace) Spiridon. As a young man, he walked across Europe and then made a living by writing for French newspapers. He moved back to London in the late 1880s and managed the magazines Gossip and Piccadilly. In 1891, he became a parliamentary reporter for The Globe. He stopped working as a reporter in 1893 to focus on writing and traveling.

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