When The Sleeper Wakes

By: H. G. Wells
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"When the Sleeper Wakes" is an idea-frightening technological know-how fiction novel written by using H. G. Wells, a pioneering writer within the genre recognised for works inclusive of "The War of the Worlds" and "The Time Machine." "The Sleeper Awakes," it offers a gripping exploration of futuristic dystopia and social commentary. The tale revolves round Graham, a man who falls right into a deep sleep inside the late nineteenth century due to a medical mishap. Unexpectedly, he awakens inside the year 2100 to discover himself in a massively converted global. The novel delves into topics of social inequality, generation's effect on society, and the effects of unchecked energy. In this destiny society, the wealthy elite have end up immensely powerful, even as most of the people of humans live in poverty and servitude. Graham's reputation as the "Sleeper" and his huge wealth grow to be catalysts for upheaval and exchange. As he navigates this strange new world, he becomes entangled in a revolt towards the oppressive ruling class, main to a thrilling and dramatic conflict for freedom. "When the Sleeper Wakes" is a charming paintings that mixes elements of technological know-how fiction with social and political observation. H. G. Wells' narrative foresight and innovative storytelling keep to resonate with readers, supplying a timeless exploration of the capacity results of societal and technological advancements.

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About Author

H. G. Wells

English author Herbert George Wells wrote more than fifty novels and several short stories. He was born on 21 September 1866, in Bromley, Kent, and was the fourth and last child of Joseph Wells. Wells married his cousin Isabel Mary Wells in 1891. In 1894 the couple got separated, and he fell in love with one of his students, Amy Catherine Robbins, with whom he relocated to Woking, Surrey, in May 1895. Wells' greatest collection of work, which was lamented by younger authors he had influenced, was produced before the First World War. Wells passed away in his residence at 13 Hanover Terrace, which had an overlooked view of Regent's Park, in London on August 13, 1946, at the age of 79 due to unidentified causes. Wells was cremated at Golders Green Crematory, and his ashes were scattered into the English Channel at Old Harry Rocks, which is located in Dorset and approximately 3.5 miles from Swanage.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 212Pages
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  • ISBN-13:9789359325316
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