Under Arctic Ice

By: H.G. Winter
Published By: Double9 Books
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Harry Bates' "Under Arctic Ice" is a gripping science fiction story. This famous story sends readers to the Arctic's harsh and inhospitable environments, where a stunning discovery sparks both scientific curiosity and human aspiration. The plot centres around Dr. Orrin Morley, a great scientist, and his loyal team on their journey. Their aim is to investigate the enigmatic, cold depths beneath the Arctic ice cap. They use innovative technology to descend into the freezing waters in the Bathysphere, a customized submersible vehicle. They encounter an underwater world filled with life, including bizarre and gorgeous species, as they travel deeper into the depths. This unusual ecology calls traditional scientific understanding into question and brings both opportunities and risks. The rich depictions of the subarctic environment and the delights hidden beneath the ice in Harry Bates' storytelling fascinate readers. The novella explores themes of exploration, scientific curiosity, and the difficulties of human contact with nature. Tensions increase and disputes erupt as the team grapples with the ethical implications of their finding and the possibility for exploitation. "Under Arctic Ice" is a cautionary story about the conflict between scientific curiosity and the preservation of endangered ecosystems.

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About Author

H.G. Winter

Hiram Gilmore "Harry" Bates III (October 9, 1900 – September 1981) was a science fiction editor and writer from the United States. The well-known science fiction film The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) was based on his short tale "Farewell to the Master" (1940). On October 9, 1900, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Hiram Gilmore Bates III was born. In the 1920s, he began working for William Clayton as an editor of adventure pulp publications. When Clayton recommended a historical adventure magazine, Bates presented many options that he said would be easier to edit, and the result was Astounding Science Fiction. Bates, who was not a lover of science fiction, edited the journal from its start in January 1930 until its sale to Street and Smith in March 1933, when Clayton went bankrupt and the magazine was sold. During that period, he edited several other magazines for Clayton, including Strange Tales, which was meant to compete with Weird Tales. Bates thought science fiction novels were poorly written at the time: "Amazing novels! I bought a copy once. What dreadful stuff I'd discovered! Filled of trivia! Full of puerilities. Unimaginables wrote it! But now that I think about it, I wonder whether there would be a demand for a well-written magazine on Amazing subjects." Bates stated that the "science fiction of the early writers had little relation to science of the scientists."

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