Two Years In the Forbidden City

By: The Princess Der Ling
Published By: Double9 Books
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Princess Der Ling's memoir, Two Years in the Forbidden City, details her time as the Empress Dowager Cixi's First Lady-in-Waiting and interpreter for her when she hosted foreign visitors. The 1911 revolution that toppled the Manchu or Qing empire offers fascinating insights into daily life at the Manchu court and the personality of the Empress.Explore the realm of China's most dreaded Empress. The first eyewitness account of the Imperial Court to be written by a Chinese aristocracy for Western readers was this authentic narrative. It offers a close-up perspective of the infamous Dowager Empress Tzu-Hsi during her final years of rule. "Two Years in the Forbidden City" is a fascinating journey into the grandeur and intrigue of China's last dynasty, enhanced with stunning visuals and extra historical annotations.Princess Der Ling had a unique viewpoint on the revered Empress because she was a close companion to one of the most exceptional women to rule China. With Princess Der Ling's narration and her astounding observations about not just the Empress but also living in one of the most sedate and enigmatic cities of its period, the book about the reign of Empress Dowager takes on a new life.

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About Author

The Princess Der Ling

Lizzie Yu Der Ling, also known as "Princess" Der Ling, was a Hanjun banner woman who lived from 8 June 1881 to 22 November 1944. The Father of Der Ling, Yü Keng, served in the Hanjun Plain White Banner Corps. He was appointed minister to the French Third Republic after serving as the Chinese ambassador to Japan. Der Ling was a Catholic baptized by the French bishop Alphonse Favier. Der Ling served as Empress Dowager Cixi's lady-in-waiting from 1903 until 1905. Der Ling wed American Thaddeus C. White in 1907. In 1911, her memoir Two Years in the Forbidden City was released. Der Ling published her tale of service for "Old Buddha" in a book titled "Two Years in the Forbidden City" after Cixi's passing in 1908 The publication of this book in 1911, right before the end of the Qing dynasty, was a commercial triumph. Der Ling's contribution to late Qing historiography is challenging to evaluate. In Berkeley, California, Der Ling lost his life after being hit by a car as she crossed a street.

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