Three Men On The Bummel

By: Jerome K. Jerome
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"Three Men on the Bummel" is a humorous travelogue and sequel to Jerome K. Jerome's classic "Three Men in a Boat." The novel follows the misadventures of the same trio—Jerome himself, George, and Harris—as they embark on a cycling tour through Germany. Tired of the monotony of everyday life, the three friends decide that a cycling holiday in the Black Forest would be the perfect remedy. However, their leisurely bummel (slang for a leisurely stroll or journey) quickly becomes a series of comical escapades and mishaps. Throughout their journey, the trio encounters cultural differences, language barriers, and the challenges of navigating unfamiliar terrain on bicycles. From befriending eccentric characters to getting lost in confusing German towns, Jerome's sharp wit and humorous anecdotes add charm to their escapades. As they peddle through picturesque landscapes, the friends find themselves caught up in peculiar situations, including misplacing their luggage, tangling with strict hotel rules, and attempting to repair their rickety bicycles. Jerome K. Jerome's "Three Men on the Bummel" is a delightful tale of friendship, adventure, and the humorous aspects of travel. The novel not only showcases the beauty of Germany's countryside but also captures the essence of camaraderie as the three men navigate through the joys and challenges of their bumbling journey, leaving readers entertained by their charming and uproarious escapades.

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About Author

Jerome K. Jerome

Jerome was an English author and comedian who lived from 2 May 1859 to 14 June 1927. His humorous travelogue Three Men in a Boat is his most well-known work (1889). Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, a collection of essays, is among the other works (1886-1927). The fourth child of Jerome Jones and Clapp, an ironmonger and lay preacher, was Jerome Clapp. Due to poor investments made in the local mining business, the family became impoverished. Jerome wanted to enter politics or become a man of letters, but he struggled to make ends meet. He tried his hand at acting in 1877 under the stage name Harold Crichton after being inspired by his older sister Blandina's passion for the theatre. He wedded Georgina Elizabeth Henrietta Stanley Marris in 1888, nine days after she separated from her first husband. In June 1927, Jerome experienced a paralytic stroke and brain hemorrhage. He spent two weeks in the Northampton General Hospital before passing away. At St. Mary's Church in Ewelme, Oxfordshire, Jerome was laid to rest. "For we are laborers with God," his gravestone reads.

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