The Works Of Lucian Of Samosata Vol. 2

By: Samosata Lucian
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"The Works of Lucian of Samosata Vol. 2" is a collection of writings via the ancient Greek satirist and rhetorician, Lucian of Samosata. Lucian, hailing from the metropolis of Samosata within the 2d century AD, is known for his sharp wit, humor, and incisive observation on the society and lifestyle of his time. Volume 2 of Lucian's works maintains to show off his mastery of satire and humor. It consists of a huge variety of essays, dialogues, and treatises that cover topics together with philosophy, faith, politics, and human folly. Lucian's works are marked by way of their clever wordplay and biting evaluations of the triumphing beliefs and customs of his era, frequently exposing the absurdity and hypocrisy of various social norms. Through his writings, Lucian gives a window into the intellectual and cultural milieu of the ancient international at the same time as delivering timeless insights into human nature. His works are characterised through a unique blend of skepticism and irony, making them both thought-provoking and unique. "The Works of Lucian of Samosata Vol. 2" is a valuable aid for students of classical literature, philosophy, and records, presenting a deeper information of Lucian's literary genius and his contributions to the culture of satire in Western literature.

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About Author

Samosata Lucian

Lucian of Samosata (125 – after 180) was a Hellenized Syrian satirist, rhetorician, and pamphleteer most remembered for his characteristic tongue-in-cheek manner, in which he frequently mocked superstition, religious traditions, and paranormal belief. Although Syriac was most likely his mother tongue, all of his existing works are written in ancient Greek (primarily in the Attic Greek dialect prominent during the Second Sophistic period). Everything we know about Lucian's life is derived from his own writings, which are frequently difficult to read due to his heavy use of sarcasm. He was the son of a lower middle-class family from the city of Samosata on the banks of the Euphrates in the remote Roman province of Syria, according to his oration The Dream. He was apprenticed to his uncle as a young man to become a sculptor, but after an unsuccessful effort, he fled away to pursue an education in Ionia. He may have become a traveling lecturer, visiting universities all around the Roman Empire. After achieving renown and fortune through his teaching, Lucian retired to Athens for a decade, during which he authored the majority of his known writings. He may have been employed as a high-ranking government official in Egypt in his fifties, after which he vanished from history.

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