The Roots Of The Mountains

By: William Morris
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"The Roots of the Mountains" is a captivating novel written by William Morris, the renowned British author, artist, and socialist. The book is set in a fictional world reminiscent of medieval Scandinavia, and it weaves a tale of love, war, and the struggle for freedom. The narrative centers around the peaceful valley of Burgdale, where two neighboring tribes, the Wolfings and the Elkings, live in harmony. However, their tranquility is threatened when a marauding army of Roman-like invaders, the Huns, sets its sights on their land. Amidst the impending conflict, the Wolfings' chieftain, Thiodolf, emerges as a valiant leader, rallying his people to defend their homeland and way of life. The story unfolds through the perspectives of various characters, each providing unique insights into the events that unfold. As battle ensues, the novel delves into themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the unyielding spirit of resistance against oppressive forces. Love and loyalty further enrich the narrative as characters forge deep connections and face heart-wrenching choices. William Morris's poetic prose and skillful storytelling evoke the grandeur of ancient epics, immersing readers in a world of vivid landscapes and heroic deeds. Moreover, his emphasis on communal values and social harmony reflects his own socialist beliefs, making "The Roots of the Mountains" not only an enthralling adventure but also a reflection of the author's progressive ideals.

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About Author

William Morris

William Morris was born in 1834 in Walthamstow, England. He was one of the great all-rounders, such as a poet, painter, author, translator, political scholar, social reformer, designer, and publisher. The organisations and movements he established ranged from the Arts and Crafts Movement to the Socialist Federation to the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. He started his writing career at Oxford University, where he contributed to and funded the Oxford and Cambridge Magazine. After the Socialist League moved too far from Morris's brand of freedom socialism for him to stay a part of it, he dedicated himself to writing. Initially, these were stories of ancient Germanic legends, and then "Here Be Dragons" became a series of completely fantasy novels, beginning with The Wood Beyond the World and also The Well at the World's End. 

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 372Pages
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  • ISBN-13:9789359396170
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