The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects

By: Edward J. Ruppelt
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About the Book

Edward J. Ruppelt, a former Air Force UFO investigator, wrote The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects in 1956 to describe his experiences with Project Bluebook. The book gained notoriety for its hypothesis that a small number of UFO sightings might be connected to increases in atomic radiation. In his second version, published in 1960, Ruppelt claimed to be "certain" that UFOs don't exist. The Air Force has publicly said that there is no proof that an interplanetary spaceship exists ever since the first flying saucer sighting in June 1947, according to Ruppelt's argument in the foreword. What is less well known, however, is that the military and its scientific advisers are far from in agreement with this view ". When an anonymous F-86 fighter pilot fires on an unnamed target in the summer of 1952, Ruppelt tells a story about it and then mocks him for having "cracked up" or panicked. Ruppelt draws attention to the contradiction between government interest in UFOs and public denials of it at the same time that his team was actively researching it "Unnamed Air Force officials have been downplaying their interest in UFOs during this time.

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About Author

Edward J. Ruppelt

United States Air Force officer Edward James Ruppelt (July 17, 1923 – September 15, 1960) is perhaps most remembered for his involvement in Project Blue Book, an official government investigation of mysterious flying objects (UFOs). The phrase "unidentified flying object" is commonly credited to him because the military believed the words "flying saucer" and "flying disc," which had gained widespread use, were deceptive when applied to UFOs of every imaginable shape and capability. Because of this, the military favors the less colorful but more broad term "unidentified flying objects." From late 1951 until it changed to Project Blue Book in March 1952, Ruppelt oversaw Project Grudge. He stayed with Blue Book until the end of 1953. Jerome Clark, a UFO researcher, writes: "The majority of experts who have studied Blue Book concur that the Ruppelt era was the project's "golden age," during which the investigations were most skillfully planned and carried out. In contrast to Grudge, who was infamous for forcing explanations on cases, Ruppelt was open-minded concerning UFOs and did not train his investigators to do so." Ruppelt grew up in Iowa where he was born.

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