The Myth Of The Birth Of The Hero A Psychological Interpretation Of Mythology

By: Dr. Otto Rank
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About the Book

Psychoanalyst Otto Rank offers a psychological explanation of mythology in "The Myth of the Birth of the Hero," concentrating on the theme of the hero's birth. He believes that supernatural or heavenly aspects are often present during a hero's birth, signifying the hero's unique character and potential. Rank claims that this pattern captures the innate human urge to rise beyond everyday life and reach greatness. The connection between the hero and his mother is another topic covered by Rank, who contends that the hero's departure from his mother is a necessary step on the path to maturity and self-realization. He contends that the connection between the hero and his mother reflects the psychological growth of the person, with the mother standing in for the nourishing and safeguarding aspects of the psyche and the hero for the ambitions for autonomy and self-actualization. Rank uses stories from indigenous cultures as well as myths from other mythology, such as the Greek and Roman, over the course of the book. The hero's journey is emphasized as a source of inspiration and intrigue for people throughout history as he also explores the hero's place in literature and art. Ultimately, "The Myth of the Birth of the Hero" provides an engaging and perceptive viewpoint on the psychological aspects of myth and storytelling, shedding light on the ways in which these myths mirror commonplace human impulses and aspirations.

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About Author

Dr. Otto Rank

Otto Rank was a well-known psychoanalyst who was born in Vienna, Austria, on April 22, 1884. He was one of Sigmund Freud's closest friends, and he made a substantial contribution to the development of psychoanalytic thought via his work. After starting to work with Freud after receiving his Doctorate in literature in 1912, Rank ultimately rose to the position of secretary for the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association. He became well known for his early research on the psychology of art and the creative process. Rank developed his notion of "birth trauma" and its function in human psychology as a result of his study of the symbolism of myth and literature. According to Rank's idea of birth trauma, one's birth experience has a profound impact on their sense of security and self-worth throughout their whole life. His ultimate split with Freud and the psychoanalytic community was a result of this idea as well as his other contributions to psychoanalytic thought. Rank continued to publish and expand his theories after leaving psychoanalysis, including his work on the psychology of religion and his "will therapy" hypothesis. In order to escape the development of Nazi authority in Austria, he relocated to New York City, where he passed away on October 31, 1939. Even now, Rank's legacy has had an impact on the disciplines of psychology and psychoanalysis.

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