The Martyrs Of Science Or, The Lives Of Galileo, Tycho Brahe, And Kepler

By: David Brewster
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About the Book

"Th? Martyrs of Sci?nc?" is a historical work writt?n by David Br?wst?r, a Scottish physicist and inv?ntor, in th? 19th c?ntury. Th? book provid?s a comp?lling account of th? liv?s and contributions of notabl? sci?ntists who fac?d adv?rsity and p?rs?cution in th? pursuit of th?ir discov?ri?s. Br?wst?r's work focus?s on th? chall?ng?s and sacrific?s ?ndur?d by th?s? "martyrs" of sci?nc?, individuals who oft?n ?ncount?r?d r?sistanc? from r?ligious authoriti?s, soci?tal norms, and political ?stablishm?nts. Th? book highlights figur?s lik? Galil?o Galil?i, who clash?d with th? Catholic Church ov?r his h?lioc?ntric mod?l of th? solar syst?m, and Micha?l S?rv?tus, a pion??r in th? fi?ld of anatomy who was ?x?cut?d for his unorthodox r?ligious b?li?fs. Through ?ngaging narrativ?s and historical accounts, Br?wst?r und?rscor?s th? importanc? of sci?ntific inquiry and th? courag? it oft?n r?quir?s to chall?ng? pr?vailing dogmas. "Th? Martyrs of Sci?nc?" s?rv?s as a tribut? to thos? who risk?d th?ir liv?lihoods and ?v?n th?ir liv?s to advanc? human knowl?dg? and und?rstanding. Ov?rall, David Br?wst?r's work off?rs r?ad?rs a profound appr?ciation for th? d?dication and fortitud? of th?s? sci?ntific pion??rs, sh?dding light on th?ir struggl?s and th? ?nduring impact of th?ir contributions to th? progr?ss of sci?nc? and human civilization.

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About Author

David Brewster

Sir David Brewster, KH, FRS, FSA Scot FSSA MICE was a British scientist, inventor, author, and academic administrator who lived from 11 December 1781 to 10 February 1868. In science, he is most known for his experimental work in physical optics, which was primarily concerned with the study of light polarization and included the discovery of Brewster's angle. He found photoelasticity while studying the birefringence of crystals under compression, so establishing the subject of optical mineralogy. For his contributions to optics, William Whewell labeled him the "father of modern experimental optics" and "the Johannes Kepler of optics." Brewster, a pioneer in photography, produced an improved stereoscope called the "lenticular stereoscope," which became the first portable 3D-viewing gadget. He also created two types of polarimeters, the polyzonal lens, the lighthouse illuminator, and the kaleidoscope. Brewster was a staunch Presbyterian who marched beside his brother during the 1843 Disruption, which resulted in the founding of the Free Church of Scotland. Brewster specialized in the life and work of his hero, Isaac Newton, as a science historian. Brewster published a full biography of Newton in 1831 and was the first scientific historian to analyze several of Newton's Nachlass works.

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