The Lure Of The Labrador Wild

By: Dillon Wallace
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About the Book

Together with their Indian tour guide George Elson, Leonidas Hubbard and Dillon Wallace set out in 1903 to explore a part of Labrador that had not yet been thoroughly explored by Europeans. They followed the Susan Valley instead of the Nascaupee River River in their quest to investigate Lake Michikamau, which led them into the heart of Labrador and onto a course for which they were unprepared. The three guys immediately discovered that their adventure was rapidly turning into a battle for their lives as the chilly winter winds began to blow. I was engrossed in this book and wondered how anyone could have made it through this ordeal. It is nice to read of Dillon's courage and strength. Incredibly, they didn't grumble despite having to carry 100-pound loads of gear and a canoe while eating little to no food and walking through snow in only moccasins. They also lifted each other's spirits by sharing bible tales and anecdotes about their homes.

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About Author

Dillon Wallace

American lawyer and writer of nonfiction, fiction, and magazine pieces named Dillon Wallace (1863-1939) was also an avid outdoorsman. His debut book, The Lure of the Labrador Wild (1905), along with several of his following works, were bestsellers. On June 24, 1863, Dillon Wallace (junior) was born in Craigsville, New York. Dillon Wallace met Outing magazine associate editor Leonidas Hubbard in 1900. Wallace was invited to travel with Hubbard on an exploration of Labrador. In July 1903, they set off, but they immediately selected the incorrect river, going down the much smaller and more challenging Susan River. Hubbard fell ill from lack of food as winter approached and eventually passed away from malnutrition; Wallace survived and returned. The Lure of the Labrador Wild, Wallace's debut novel and a best-seller, was written on the journey. Mina Hubbard, Hubbard's wife, was furious with Wallace because she believed the book inaccurately attributed the failure of the voyage to her deceased husband, tarnishing the reputation of her family. Wallace revealed his intention to launch a second expedition into the same region, and Mina simultaneously announced her intention to follow suit. Wallace launched a third Labrador voyage in 1913 with the main goal of placing a memorial tablet at the scene of Leonidas Hubbard's passing. On September 28, 1939, Dillon Wallace passed away in Beacon, New York.

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