The Lives of the Twelve Caesars

By: C. Suetonius Tranquillus
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About the Book

The Twelve Caesars (121 CE) can be considered one of the most picturesque biographical works ever written. It records the lives of the people who brandished complete power in Rome after it transformed from being a republic into an empire in 27 BCE. Suetonius was closely familiar with court life as he was a private secretary to one of the emperors, Hadrian. He uses that information in The Twelve Caesars to reveal insights into the ups and downs of the empire's early years, as well as the ideals and flaws of its seemingly divine rulers. The composition of the individual memoirs has frequently perplexed modern readers, who expect Suetonius to recount his story in an even and linear manner from the ruler's birth to his death. Suetonius generally began the autobiography with the emperor's family and his upbringing; the majority of each memoir consists of a myriad of memorable anecdotes about an emperor's private life and his public conduct. Be that as it may, this is not a mere inventory of corruption and sex. Instead, Suetonius lets his readers know that he has carefully organized the narratives "by categories." These categories incorporate the emperor's morality and his vices. After the vices and virtues, Suetonius' Lives normally conclude with a story of the emperor's passing and a comprehensive physical description of his body.

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About Author

C. Suetonius Tranquillus

Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, also known as Suetonius, was a Roman author who is best known for his biographies of the first 12 Caesars. Although being a biographer of others, Suetonius gives his readers relatively little information about his own life. Suetonius' actual birthdate is unknown, it is generally accepted that he was born between 69 and 75 CE. His birthplace (perhaps either Umbria or Hippo Regius in Numidia) and the year of his passing are also unknown. Since he was closely connected with the imperial court, he had access to otherwise private details, and he did not hold back when it came to disclosing some of Rome's most scandalous events. The writer's father, Suetonius Laetus, was a knight-a member of the equestrian class-and served as tribune of the 13th legion during the 69 CE civil war. He also commanded that unit at the Battle of Bedriacum in northern Italy. Suetonius' grandfather may have been a member of Caligula's court. In his later years, Suetonius served as the director of the imperial libraries and subsequently as Hadrian's private secretary. However, he was fired from this position, again for unclear reasons.

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