The Legends of the Jews Vol. 3

By: Louis Ginzberg
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About the Book

Louis Ginzberg's "The Legends of the Jews — Vol. 3" is a thorough and influential study. Some stories are brutal and weird, while others creep up on you and draw you in slowly. Because the title character is so indulgent, readers are forced to keep reading to find out what happens next. This historical book is a wonderful compilation of concepts that have been condensed into a single draft for readers of all ages to read. This multi-volume series contains a plethora of Jewish folklore, myths, and stories spanning the centuries from the beginning of recorded history to the conclusion of the biblical era. Vol. 3, "Bible Times and Characters from Creation to Jacob," goes into the oldest stories in the Hebrew Bible. This edition of "The Legends of the Jews — Vol. 3" is both current and legible, with an eye-catching new cover and professionally typeset copy. Ginzberg meticulously weaves together a diverse range of materials, including Talmudic and Midrashic literature, to recreate and build on Old Testament episodes. His literature provides readers with a strong understanding of the cultural and religious roots of Jewish traditions, as well as insights into the moral, ethical, and theological components of these stories.

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About Author

Louis Ginzberg

Louis Ginzberg (November 28, 1873 – November 11, 1953) was a Russian-born American rabbi and Talmudic scholar of Lithuanian-Jewish descent who was a contributing editor to numerous articles in The Jewish Encyclopedia (1906) and a leader in the Conservative movement of Judaism in the early twentieth century. He was born in the Vilna Governorate's Kaunas (then known as Kovno) and died in New York City. Ginzberg was born into a pious Lithuanian-Jewish family recognized for their devotion and erudition. The family claimed descent from the famed Talmudist, halakhic scholar, and kabbalist master Gaon of Vilna. Ginzberg attempted to emulate the Vilna Gaon's incorporation of "academic knowledge" into Torah studies under the banner of "historical Judaism"; for example, in his book Students, Scholars, and Saints, Ginzberg quotes the Vilna Gaon's instruction, "Do not regard the views of the Shulchan Aruch as binding if they do not agree with those of the Talmud." In his memoirs, he expressed regret that he had grieved his father, as he knew that his religious father was disappointed that his son had chosen a more liberal route in terms of Jewish law than his forebears. Ginzberg arrived in America in 1899, unaware of where he belonged or what path he should take.

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