The Infidel A Story of the Great Revival

By: M. E. Braddon
Published By: Double9 Books
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"The Infidel: A Story of the Great Revival" by M. E. Braddon is a quintessential example of Victorian literature, blending elements of sensational fiction and Gothic fiction. Braddon, a prominent figure in English literature of the nineteenth century, crafts a tale brimming with social criticism and religious skepticism, exploring themes of morality, intrigue, and hypocrisy. Set against the backdrop of The Great Revival, the novel delves into the complexities of societal norms and gender roles. Through intricate plots and secret identities, Braddon weaves a tapestry of romance and suspense, captivating readers with twists and turns that challenge conventional expectations. At its core, "The Infidel" questions established beliefs and values, inviting readers to ponder the authenticity of religious fervor amidst a backdrop of societal upheaval. Characters grapple with their own moral compasses, navigating a world where appearances often mask deeper truths. As the story unfolds, Braddon exposes the hypocrisy inherent in Victorian society, shedding light on the dichotomy between public piety and private indiscretions. Through vivid characters and gripping narrative, "The Infidel" invites readers on a journey through a tumultuous era, where secrets lurk beneath the surface and gender roles are both enforced and subverted.

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About Author

M. E. Braddon

Victorian-era English popular novelist Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Her best-known work is the sensational novel she wrote in 1862, Lady Audley's Secret, which has been many times dramatized and staged. Mary Elizabeth Braddon, who was raised in Soho, London, attended private schools. When Mary was five years old in 1840, her mother Fanny filed for divorce from her father Henry due to his adultery. Edward Braddon, Mary's brother, departed for India at the age of twelve and then moved to Australia, where he rose to the position of Premier of Tasmania. After three years of working as an actress, Adelaide Biddle and Clara became her friends. Braddon was able to provide for her mother and herself despite their little responsibilities. In 1861, Mary moved in with publisher John Maxwell after they first met in April. But Maxwell had already tied the knot with Mary Ann Crowley, with whom he shared five kids. Crowley was living with her family, while Braddon and Maxwell were living together as husband and wife. When Braddon's "wife" status was revealed as a façade, Maxwell attempted to justify their relationship in 1864 by telling the newspapers that they were lawfully married. However, Richard Brinsley Knowles wrote to these papers, letting them know that his sister-in-law and Maxwell's real wife was still alive. Up until Maxwell's wife passed away in 1874, Mary raised his children as a stepmother. After that, they were able to tie the knot at St. Bride's Church on Fleet Street.

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