The Inferno

By: August Strindberg
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About the Book

In the year 1300, Inferno occurs on the eve of Good Friday. Dante Alighieri is currently wandering in the wilderness and pacing in anxiety. The legendary Roman poet Virgil, who has come to lead Dante back to his path, is encountered here. They enter the Ante-Inferno, an outpost of Hell where the spirits of those who in life could not choose between good and evil now have to pursue a blank banner.Dante's Inferno begins with the First Circle of Hell, reserved for the sin of the Lust. Dante glimpses Filippo Argenti, a former political enemy of his, and watches as other souls tear him to pieces. The Gluttonous are forced to lay in mud and experience an excrement and scum rain. Virgil and Dante come upon a group of Centaurs, which are a mix between men and horses. They come across those who have acted violently toward God.Dante and Virgil are carried by Geryon across a wide chasm and into the eighth circle of hell. The word Malebolge, or "evil pockets", alludes to the partition of the circle into numerous pockets, each divided by vast folds of dirt. Count Ugolino gnaws on the head of the person who imprisoned him in life for all of eternity. The Fourth Ring of the Ninth Circle of Hell, Judecca, is the next place Dante travels with Virgil.

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About Author

August Strindberg

Johan August Strindberg was a Swedish dramatist, writer, poet, essayist, and painter who lived from 22 January 1849 to 14 May 1912. The Red Room (1879), written by him, has usually been referred to be the first modern Swedish book. He is regarded as the "father" of contemporary Swedish writing. With its attempt to portray the unconscious processes by doing away with traditional theatrical time and space, Zola's A Dream Play (1902) had a key influence on both expressionism and surrealism. He assisted in running the Intimate Theatre, which produced his chamber pieces and was fashioned after Max Reinhardt's Kammerspielhaus (such as The Ghost Sonata). He interacted with a wide range of artists from Germany, Poland, and Scandinavia. He focused on Frida Uhl, who was just twenty-three years Strindberg's junior. They tied the knot in 1893. The couple split up less than a year after the birth of their daughter Kerstin, however their marriage was not legally dissolved until 1897. Shortly after one of Strindberg's plays had its American premiere, he passed away. The Father, a translation by Edith Gardener Shearn Oland and her husband Warner Oland, debuted on April 9, 1912, at the Berkeley Theatre in New York.

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