The History of the Fabian Society

By: Edward R. Pease
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"The History of the Fabian Society" by Edward R. Pease is a comprehensive exploration of the evolution of socialism, politics, and reform through the lens of the Fabian Society. Pease meticulously traces the development of this influential movement from its inception in British intellectual circles to its pivotal role in advocating for social justice and progressive change. Through detailed analysis and insightful commentary, Pease examines the ideology, activism, and advocacy efforts of the Fabians, shedding light on their impact on British society and politics. As a seminal work on the subject, Pease's book offers a profound understanding of the intellectual currents and social movements that shaped the Fabian Society's trajectory. It provides valuable insights into the motivations and strategies of the Society's members, who were driven by a commitment to reform and progressivism. With a keen eye for historical detail and ideological nuance, Pease paints a vivid portrait of the Fabian movement, illuminating its enduring legacy and contributions to the broader socialist tradition.

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About Author

Edward R. Pease

Edward Reynolds Pease was an English writer and founding member of the Fabian Society. Pease was born near Bristol, the son of ardent Quakers Thomas Pease (1816-1884) and Susanna Ann Fry (1829-1917; sister of Edward Fry, the judge); he was the sixth of Thomas's 15 children, but Susanna's first, as Thomas had five children from previous marriages. One of his sisters was Marian Pease, a schoolteacher. His father was a wool comber, while his mother belonged to the Fry family, which made chocolate. Edward Pease had his education at home until the age of sixteen, when he traveled to London and was taken under the wing of his brother-in-law, Sir Thomas Hanbury. In the early 1880s, Pease made friends with Frank Podmore, as well as husband and wife Edith Nesbit and Hubert Bland. On January 4, 1884, Podmore's group established the Fabian Society. The death of a wealthy uncle in 1886 resulted in a sizable gift for Pease, allowing him to leave his job at the London Stock Exchange and devote more time to his socialist interests. In 1886, he relocated to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, started working as a cabinetmaker, and established the National Labour Federation, a national general union. However, his attempts to persuade the working class to socialism were fruitless, and he returned to London. In 1888, he traveled to the United States with Sidney Webb and returned to marry Marjory Davidson, a young Scottish schoolteacher.

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