By: A. F. Pollard
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"The History of England," written by A. F. Pollard, is a comprehensive and fascinating trip through England's historical fabric. Pollard is well-known for his Tudor expertise, although his work has a larger perspective, encompassing England's evolution from its earliest days to more recent times. Pollard brings together the nation's political, cultural, and societal evolution with rigorous research and appealing narrative. The book goes into major historical events, providing readers with a detailed perspective of key occasions that molded England's identity. Pollard's narrative brings readers through the ebbs and flows of England's history, from the catastrophic Wars of the Roses through the transforming Tudor dynasty and on to the struggles and achievements of modern ages. Pollard's storytelling abilities go beyond conventional chronology; he deftly dissects the complicated web of factors that shaped England's history. His insights offer light on monarchs' roles, social dynamics, economic developments, and ideological revolutions, allowing readers to appreciate the nation's varied growth. "The History of England" exemplifies Pollard's commitment to historical knowledge.

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About Author

A. F. Pollard

A. F. Pollard, full name Albert Frederick Pollard, was a well-known British historian who specialized in the Tudor period. He was instrumental in the formation of the Historical Association in 1906, exhibiting his dedication to the study and enjoyment of history. Pollard, who was born on December 16, 1869, in Ryde, United Kingdom, made significant contributions to historical studies. Pollard's academic path took him to Felsted School and then to Jesus College. He engaged himself in history, particularly the Tudor period, and rose to prominence as a historian. His in-depth knowledge and thorough research enhanced his historical writings. A. F. Pollard died on August 3, 1948, in Milford on Sea, England. His scholarly efforts and role in shaping the Historical Association continue to carry on his legacy. Graham Pollard and Margaret Lucy Pollard were his offspring, and he had grandkids called David Butler, Michael Arthur Edgeworth Butler, Honora Edgeworth Butler, and Christina Colvin. Pollard's commitment to historical research, as well as his active participation in academic organizations, cemented his reputation as a recognized historian.

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