The Fairy-Land Of Science

By: Arabella B. Buckley
Published By: Double9 Books
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If your primary goal is to succeed in the world, you may utilize science primarily to achieve academic success or pass tests, but if you want to understand nature better, you will study it for other reasons as well. Take a miniature globe, place a piece of black plaster over England, place a lit lamp in place of the sun, and gently rotate the globe so that it totally reflects the lamp's light. In reality, sunbeams are a series of small, fast waves that flow from the sun to us over an unseen medium known as "ether," constantly bombarding anything that gets in their path. In highly polished, reflective metal, waves barely ever penetrate at all but are instead projected out off the surface; as a result, objects like a steel knife or a silver spoon are extremely brilliant and easy to notice. Statuary yards are so named because they house the creations of sculptors who have carved statues from granite, marble, and other types of stone into a variety of diverse forms. However, at the workshop where the sculptor is working, you can see that he has managed to carve pictures that resemble live things out of rough stone blocks.

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About Author

Arabella B. Buckley

Writer and science educator Arabella Burton Buckley was born on 24 October 1840 and passed away on 9 February 1929. In contrast to the prevalent emphasis on rivalry and physical survival, she promoted Darwinian evolution with a focus on the mind and morals. She was able to "handle evolution with remarkable finesse and sincerity," according to Charles Darwin. England's Brighton is where Buckley was born. Henry Buckley, the first Baron Wrenbury, was her brother. She began working as Charles Lyell's secretary when she was 24 years old, and she stayed with him until his passing in 1875, following which Charles Darwin wrote to her to express his sympathy. She had good credentials to instruct children because she was Charles Lyell's assistant and a woman. The Fairy Land of Science, one of Buckley's earliest works, presents her views on science in the context of a children's book, much like a mother teaching her kid. In one of her lectures titled "The Two Great Sculptors - Water and Ice," she makes a point of comparing how hills, crevasses, and valleys are formed by water and ice to how a sculptor shapes a statue with a chisel.

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