The Evolution Of The Idea Of God An Inquiry Into The Origins Of Religions

By: Grant Allen
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"The Evolution of the Idea of God" is a notion-provoking e book written by way of Grant Allen within the past due nineteenth century. This insightful work explores the historic development of the concept of God within human civilization. Allen delves into the evolution of religious idea, analyzing how early human societies conceived of deities and how those ideals transformed over the years. The e-book highlights the progression from primitive animistic and polytheistic ideals to the emergence of monotheism in diverse cultures. Allen additionally investigates the position of medical discoveries and cultural shifts in shaping humanity's perception of God. He shows that as societies developed, so too did their understanding of the divine, frequently reflecting adjustments in their social, political, and intellectual environments. Grant Allen's work is a pioneering exploration of the hyperlink among human evolution, cultural development, and religious ideals. It gives readers with a complete historical perspective at the concept of God, losing light on how specific societies have grappled with this profound concept at some stage in records. "The Evolution of the Idea of God" remains a precious aid for all and sundry interested in the intersection of faith, philosophy, and human history.

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About Author

Grant Allen

Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen (February 24, 1848 – October 25, 1899) was an English-educated Canadian science writer and novelist. In the second half of the nineteenth century, he was a public proponent of evolution. Allen was the second son of Catharine Ann Grant and the Rev. Joseph Antisell Allen, a Protestant preacher from Dublin, Ireland, and was born on Wolfe Island near Kingston, Canada West (known as Ontario after Confederation). His mother was the fifth Baron de Longueuil's daughter. Allen was educated at home until he and his parents moved to the United States, then to France, and eventually to the United Kingdom when he was 13 years old. In the United Kingdom, he attended King Edward's School in Birmingham and Merton College in Oxford. After abandoning his teaching, he returned to England in 1876, where he dedicated his abilities to writing, acquiring a name for his scientific writings and creative works. One of Allen's early essays, "Note-Deafness" (a description of what became known as amusia, published in 1878 in the academic magazine Mind), is cited with praise in a 2007 book by Oliver Sacks. Allen married twice, first to Caroline Ann Bootheway (1846-1871) and then to Ellen Jerrard (1853-1878), with whom he had one son, Jerrard Grant Allen (1878-1946), a theatrical agent/manager who married the actress and vocalist Violet Englefield in 1913. Reginald "Reggie" Grant Allen (1910-1985) was their son.

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