The Book Of God In The Light Of The Higher Criticism

By: G. W. Foote
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"The Book of God," authored with the aid of G. W. Foote, is a provocative and important examination of spiritual ideals and, extra particularly, the Bible. This painting is a brave exploration of spiritual texts and their implications within the context of the winning religious orthodoxy of the time. G. W. Foote was a distinguished parent inside the past due 19th and early twentieth centuries, regarded for his advocacy of secularism, atheism, and rationalism. In "The Book of God," he affords a skeptical and rational evaluation of the Bible, with a specific attention on difficult the conventional information of non-secular scriptures. Foote scrutinizes the Bible, mentioning what he sees as inconsistencies, contradictions, and ethical worries inside its pages. He questions the divine authorship and infallibility of the Bible, tough installed religious authority and belief in God. "The Book of God" is a vast work that sparked enormous controversy at some stage in its time. It served to stimulate debates on non-secular skepticism, the separation of church and country, and the need for an extra rational, proof-primarily based technique to religion. G. W. Foote's writings, such as This book, contributed to the broader verbal exchange about the function of religion in society and the significance of freedom of idea and expression.

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About Author

G. W. Foote

G. W. Foote became an extremely good parent inside the past due nineteenth and early 20th centuries, recognised for his role as an author, writer, and freethinker. He changed into a prominent propose for secularism, atheism, and rationalism at some stage in a time whilst such views regularly faced robust opposition and censorship. One of Foote's large works is "The Book of God," in which he significantly examined and wondered the spiritual ideals and sacred texts, specially focusing at the Bible. Published in 1896, this e-book changed into a courageous and arguable enterprise, aiming to assignment winning non-secular orthodoxy and encourage critical questioning. In "The Book of God," Foote subjected the Bible to a rational and skeptical evaluation, highlighting inconsistencies, contradictions, and perceived ethical shortcomings. He argued against the divine authorship and infallibility of non-secular scriptures, challenging the traditional expertise of God and spiritual authority. Foote's writings, including "The Book of God," had been instrumental in advancing the purpose of secularism and selling an extra rational and evidence-based totally approach to faith. They stirred debates and discussions approximately the role of faith in society and the need for a more secular, humanist angle.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
  • Language: English
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