Sense From Thought Divide

By: Mark Clifton
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

The plot of this tale explores the far-reaching implications of a society in which technology can access and alter human thoughts and emotions. The plot revolves around Mr. Sheed, who lives in a future when a computer called as the "Brain Analyzer" allows individuals to access and influence each other's thoughts. Sheed has an inexplicable the capacity to tap into the thoughts of other individuals without using the Brain Analyzer. Although this skill allows him to comprehend people's actual feelings, it additionally renders him highly susceptible to manipulation by people who seek to control him. The narrative delves into the ethical quandaries presented by Sheed's newfound ability, in addition to the societal implications of invasive technology. It emphasizes concerns about the limits of privacy, the potential of abuse, and the complicated structure of relationships between individuals in a world where concepts are no longer private. The examination of the nexus of technology, ethics, and human nature in Mark Clifton's narrative captivates readers. "The Sense from Thought Divide" is a cautionary tale about the power and responsibility that come with having access to the innermost thoughts of people, leaving readers to question the moral complexity of such a world.

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About Author

Mark Clifton

Mark Clifton (1906-1963) was a science fiction writer from the United States who shared the second Hugo Award for best novel. In May 1952, he debuted with the widely anthologized narrative "What Have I Done?" The "Bossy" sequence, regarding computers with intelligence that is artificial, was written either independently or in collaboration with Alex Apostolides or Frank Riley; as well as the "Ralph Kennedy" series, which is more humorous and was mostly written solo, such as the novel When They Come from Space, which is with one collaboration with Apostolides. Clifton's breakthrough novel, They'd Rather Be Right (also known as The Forever Machine), co-written with Riley, was serialized in Astounding during 1954 and won the Hugo Award. "Star Bright," the very first of three entries in Horace Gold's Galaxy (July 1952), is Clifton's other best-known short tale. It is about a super-intelligent infant with psychic skills. According to Clifton's correspondence, Gold "editorially savaged" the piece, which was significantly reduced or altered. The narrative has been compared highly to Kuttner was and Moore's "Mimsy Were the Borogoves," that had been released nine years previously in Astounding magazine.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 34Pages
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