On The Trail Of Grant And Lee

By: Frederick Trevor Hill
Published By: Double9 Books
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"On th? Trail of Grant and L??" is a captivating historical work author?d by Fr?d?rick Tr?vor Hill. This book, publish?d in th? ?arly 20th c?ntury, tak?s r?ad?rs on an imm?rsiv? journ?y through th? Civil War, providing a vivid and insightful ?xploration of two iconic military l?ad?rs: Ulyss?s S. Grant and Rob?rt E. L??. Hill's narrativ? is a m?ticulous and comp?lling account of th? liv?s and military campaigns of Grant and L?? during th? Am?rican Civil War. With m?ticulous r?s?arch and a k??n ?y? for d?tail, th? author brings to lif? th? p?rsonaliti?s and strat?gi?s of th?s? two l?g?ndary figur?s. H? paints a rich tabl?au of th? ?ra's political climat?, th? battl?s, and th? profound impact of th?s? g?n?rals on th? outcom? of th? war. Th? book not only s?rv?s as a historical r?cord but also d?lv?s into th? human asp?cts of Grant and L??'s charact?rs, off?ring r?ad?rs a d??p?r und?rstanding of th?ir motivations, l?ad?rship styl?s, and th? chall?ng?s th?y fac?d. Fr?d?rick Tr?vor Hill's writing is charact?riz?d by its clarity and ?ngaging storyt?lling. H? combin?s historical accuracy with a narrativ? flair that mak?s this book acc?ssibl? and ?nthralling for both history ?nthusiasts and g?n?ral r?ad?rs.

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About Author

Frederick Trevor Hill

Frederick Trevor Hill, born in Brooklyn, New York on May 5, 1866, was a renowned American novelist and historian who made substantial contributions to literary and historical research throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. While his work is not as well known today, it left an enduring influence on the intellectual environment of his time. Hill's writing covered a wide range of topics, but he is most known for his historical works and biographies. His historical works frequently dug into America's rich fabric, focusing light on lesser-known themes and personalities. His attention to detail and rigorous research gained him a reputation for historical authenticity and knowledge. "Twenty Years at Sea," a nautical adventure novel based on his own experiences as a sailor, is one of his most renowned writings, giving readers with a vivid depiction of life at sea in the late nineteenth century. Frederick Trevor Hill's literary interests expanded beyond history to include fiction and travel writing. His devotion to literature and historical studies boosted his era's cultural heritage.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 142Pages
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  • ISBN-13:9789359329284
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