Number Seventeen

By: Louis Tracy
Published By: Double9 Books
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"Number Seventeen" by Louis Tracy is a captivating detective novel that immerses readers in a world of mystery and suspense. Renowned for his skillful storytelling, Tracy crafts a tale that keeps readers guessing until the very end. The genre of this book is mystery and detective fiction, characterized by its intricate plot and engaging narrative. The story is set in early 20th-century London and revolves around a seemingly ordinary house, Number Seventeen, which becomes the focal point of a complex web of secrets and criminal activities. The novel begins with a dramatic and puzzling incident that sets the stage for a series of investigations led by Tracy's astute and resourceful protagonists. These characters navigate through a labyrinth of clues, red herrings, and unexpected twists, showcasing Tracy's talent for building suspense and maintaining a fast-paced storyline. What sets "Number Seventeen" apart is Tracy's meticulous attention to detail and his ability to create a vividly atmospheric setting. His characters are well-drawn and relatable, adding depth to the narrative. Tracy's deft handling of the plot and his knack for creating tension make "Number Seventeen" a standout work in the detective fiction genre.

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About Author

Louis Tracy

Louis Tracy, a prolific author renowned for his thrilling detective and adventure novels, captivates readers with his masterful storytelling and intricate plots. His masterpiece, "Number Seventeen," exemplifies his skill in weaving suspense and intrigue into a compelling narrative. Set in the atmospheric backdrop of early 20th-century London, this novel combines mystery, crime, and a touch of romance, creating a page-turner that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The story revolves around a seemingly ordinary house, Number Seventeen, which becomes the epicenter of a complex web of secrets, criminal activities, and unexpected twists. Tracy's protagonists, typically characterized by their wit, bravery, and resourcefulness, navigate a labyrinth of clues and dangers to uncover the truth behind the enigmatic events surrounding the house. "Number Seventeen" stands out not only for its gripping plot but also for Tracy's meticulous attention to detail and character development. His vivid descriptions and ability to build suspense make the novel a memorable read, appealing to fans of classic detective fiction and adventure stories alike. Through "Number Seventeen," Louis Tracy solidifies his reputation as a master of the genre, delivering a timeless tale of mystery and excitement.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2024
  • Paperback: 184pages
  • ISBN-10: 9363053784
  • ISBN-13: 9789363053786
  • Item Weight: 239.2g
  • Dimension : 216 x 140 x 10.4mm
  • Reading age: 10+
  • Country of Origin : India
  • Importer: Double 9 Books
  • Packer: Double 9 Books
  • Book Type : Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General