Nightmare Abbey

By: Thomas Love Peacock
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"Nightmare Abbey" is a satirical Gothic novella written by Thomas Love Peacock and published in 1818. The story revolves around Christopher Glowry, a melancholic widower who lives with his son Scythrop in the isolated Nightmare Abbey. The novel satirizes the morbid themes, misanthropy, and philosophical systems prevalent in contemporary English literature, particularly Romanticism. The plot follows the eccentric and peculiar characters who visit Nightmare Abbey, including Mr. Hilary, Scythrop's flirtatious love interest Marionetta, and Celinda Toobad, who seeks refuge from an unwanted engagement. Complications arise when Scythrop finds himself torn between Marionetta and Celinda, unable to choose between them. The story takes a dramatic turn with the appearance of a ghostly figure and reports of haunting in the abbey. However, it is later revealed to be the result of Mr. Glowry's somnambulant steward. "Nightmare Abbey" stands as a significant work in the tradition of English satirical fiction. Peacock's sharp observations and astute critique of his contemporary society make it a valuable piece of literature that continues to be celebrated for its humor and social commentary.

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About Author

Thomas Love Peacock

English playwright and poet Thomas Love Peacock (1785–1866) was well-known for his sarcastic books and humorous writing. He was raised in Weymouth, Dorset, England, and worked for the East India Company for the most of his adult life. Poems were the foundation of Peacock's creative career, and he was a part of the Romantic movement. He was more well known, however, for his books, which displayed his quick wit, social commentary, and intellectual debate. The political, intellectual, and cultural currents of his day were often lampooned in his writings. "Headlong Hall" (1816), "Nightmare Abbey" (1818), "Maid Marian" (1822), and "Crotchet Castle" (1831) are a few of Peacock's well-known books. These books offered a criticism of many intellectual and social beliefs while blending aspects of romance, adventure, and satire. Peacock's work was distinguished by his witty wordplay, generous use of dialogue, and lighthearted depiction of oddball individuals. He used his extensive understanding of physics, philosophy, and ancient literature into his writings. Although Peacock's works were not well known when he was alive, they became well-known and had a significant impact in the 20th century. His books are still valued for their humor, social critique, and distinctive literary style.

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