Miss Bretherton

By: Mrs. Humphry Ward
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"Miss Bretherton" by Mrs. Humphry Ward is a captivating Victorian novel that intricately explores the complexities of romance, social class, and women's rights within English society. As a work of fiction deeply rooted in Victorian literature, Ward's narrative follows the journey of Miss Bretherton, a character whose experiences shed light on the challenges faced by women in a society governed by rigid social norms. Set against the backdrop of London, the novel delves into the intricacies of marriage, family dynamics, and wealth, offering readers a glimpse into the lives of individuals navigating the complexities of status and societal expectations. Through compelling character development, Ward paints a vivid portrait of Miss Bretherton's quest for autonomy and self-discovery amidst the constraints of her social class. Ward's exploration of women's rights adds depth to the narrative, inviting readers to ponder the evolving role of women in Victorian society and the obstacles they faced in asserting their independence. With its richly detailed portrayal of English society and its nuanced examination of human relationships, "Miss Bretherton" stands as a timeless testament to Ward's literary prowess and her ability to capture the essence of Victorian life.

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About Author

Mrs. Humphry Ward

Mary Augusta Ward CBE was a British author who lived from June 11, 1851, to March 24, 1920. She wrote under her married name, Mrs. Humphry Ward. Setting up a Settlement in London to help poor people get better schooling was one way she did this. In 1908, she became the first President of the Women's National Anti-Suffrage League. Mary Augusta Arnold was born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. She came from a well-known family of writers and educators. Mary was the daughter of Julia Sorell and Tom Arnold, who taught literature. William Thomas Arnold was a writer and journalist, Ethel Arnold worked for women's right to vote, and Julia Huxley started Prior's Field School for Girls in 1902 and married Leonard Huxley. Their sons were Julian and Aldous Huxley. It was important for British intellectual life to have people like the Arnolds and the Huxleys. Author Matthew Arnold was her uncle, and Thomas Arnold, the famous headmaster of Rugby School, was her grandpa. Tom Arnold, Mary's father, was made head of schools in Van Diemen's Land, which is now Tasmania. He started his job on January 15, 1850.

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  • Publishing Year: 2024
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