Manon Lescaut

By: Abbe Prevost
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"Manon Lescaut" by Abbé Prévost is a poignant novel exemplifying the genre of French literature, blending elements of romance, tragedy, and social commentary. Set in 18th-century France, Prévost's masterpiece follows the tumultuous love affair between the young Chevalier des Grieux and the irresistible Manon Lescaut. At its core, "Manon Lescaut" explores themes of love, desire, and the consequences of societal expectations. Through the passionate relationship between des Grieux and Manon, Prévost delves into the complexities of human emotion and the fragility of moral boundaries. As the couple navigates the perils of love and temptation, they are confronted with the harsh realities of society's judgment and the consequences of their actions. Against the backdrop of Parisian society, Prévost paints a vivid portrait of the decadence and moral decay of the era, exposing the hypocrisy and corruption lurking beneath the surface. "Manon Lescaut" stands as a timeless classic of French literature, celebrated for its richly drawn characters, evocative prose, and profound exploration of the human condition. With its tragic tale of love and loss, the novel continues to captivate readers and inspire adaptations in various art forms, reaffirming its status as a masterpiece of literature.

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About Author

Abbe Prevost

Abbe Prevost, also known simply as the Abbe Prevost, was a French priest, author, and writer. He was born in Hesdin, Artois, and first appears with the full name Prevost d'Exiles in a letter to Amsterdam's booksellers in 1731. His father, Lievin Prevost, was a lawyer, and other members of the family had taken up the ecclesiastical estate. At the age of 14, he lost his mother and younger favorite sister, bringing his joyful upbringing to a sudden end. Prevost attended the Jesuit school in Hesdin and joined the order as a novice in Paris in 1713, while also studying at the college at La Fleche. He left the Jesuits to join the army at the end of 1716, but he quickly became dissatisfied with military life and returned to Paris in 1719, allegedly with the intention of continuing his novitiate. He is claimed to have traveled around the Netherlands during this time, and he eventually returned to the service, this time with a commission. Some biographers believe he suffered some of the disasters attributed to his idol Des Grieux. Whatever the reality, he joined the erudite community of the Benedictines of St. Maur, where he says he sought refuge after the unfortunate end of a love affair.

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