Lydia Knight's History

By: Susa Young Gates
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"Susa Young Gat?s" author?d a comp?lling work titl?d "Lydia Knight's History, " which is a significant contribution to Mormon lit?ratur?. Susa Young Gat?s was a notabl? writ?r and l?ad?r in Th? Church of J?sus Christ of Latt?r-day Saints (LDS Church), known for h?r advocacy of wom?n's rights and h?r ?xt?nsiv? lit?rary ?nd?avors. In "Lydia Knight's History, " Susa Young Gat?s skillfully brings to lif? th? r?markabl? journ?y and ?xp?ri?nc?s of Lydia Knight, a courageous pion??r and ?arly conv?rt to th? LDS Church. Lydia Knight's lif? was marked by hardships and trials, including th? loss of h?r husband and th? n??d to trav?rs? th? Mormon pion??r trail to th? Salt Lak? Vall?y as a widow with h?r childr?n. Gat?s' narrativ? captur?s th? spirit of r?sili?nc? and faith that charact?riz?d Lydia Knight's lif?. Th? book ?xplor?s h?r conv?rsion to Mormonism, h?r ?ncount?rs with p?rs?cution, and h?r d?t?rmination to ?ndur? and find solac? within th? faith. Through th? l?ns of Lydia Knight's p?rsonal history, Susa Young Gat?s provid?s r?ad?rs with a window into th? ?arly days of th? LDS Church, th? chall?ng?s fac?d by its m?mb?rs, and th? unwav?ring commitm?nt of pion??rs lik? Knight to th?ir r?ligious convictions.

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About Author

Susa Young Gates

Susa Gates (March 18, 1856 – May 27, 1933) was an American writer, periodical editor, president of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, and campaigner for women's rights. She was the daughter of Brigham Young, the head of the LDS Church. Gates published numerous short stories, novels, poetry, and other literary works throughout her life. Gates wrote more than other Mormon writers, according to R. Paul Cracroft's argument. Gates was also active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), where she created lesson manuals, served on the Relief Society general board, led genealogy work, and served as a missionary, among other things. Brigham Young's twenty-second wife, Lucy Bigelow, gave birth to Gates at Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. Gates was born Susanna but went by Susa for the majority of her life. She was Brigham's forty-second child and Lucy Bigelow and Brigham Young's second child. Gates was raised in the Lion House. Because of the size of her father's family, Young's home life was quite regulated. Her days were structured around planned meals, prayers, schooling, family devotionals, and sleep. According to Gates, she had a pleasant upbringing and enjoyed growing up in the Young family.

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