Loveday's history A tale of many changes

By: Lucy Ellen Guernsey
Published By: Double9 Books
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"Loveday's History: A Tale of Many Changes” by Lucy Ellen Guernsey is a compelling historical fiction novel that traces the personal journey of Loveday through the transformative landscape of the Victorian era. As a family saga unfolds, Guernsey expertly weaves themes of resilience, adaptation, and growth into the fabric of Loveday's life, guiding readers through a captivating narrative of evolution and change. Within the pages of this novel, readers witness Loveday's remarkable character development, as she navigates the challenges and opportunities presented by the ever-changing world around her. Through each twist and turn of her story, Guernsey offers a poignant exploration of personal growth and the enduring human spirit. Set against the backdrop of the Victorian era, "Loveday's History" immerses readers in a rich tapestry of historical detail and vivid storytelling. As Loveday's journey unfolds, readers are transported to a time of societal upheaval and transformation, where resilience becomes the key to survival. With its blend of personal drama and historical insight, "Loveday's History" stands as a testament to Guernsey's skill as a writer and her ability to capture the essence of human experience within the framework of historical fiction.

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About Author

Lucy Ellen Guernsey

American writer Lucy Ellen Guernsey was born in Rochester, New York, on August 12, 1826, and died on November 3, 1899. Despite never having children of her own, she was a fervent supporter of moral development and early education in children. She produced nearly 60 novels during her most prolific years (1855–85), the majority of which were picked up by the American Sunday School Union for publication. She was involved in the founding of the Home for Aged Women and organized the first sewing school for children from working-class families. She was a prominent part of the Rochester community. In addition to becoming the president of the Christ Church Missionary Society (1881–85), she taught an adult biblical class for Sunday School and wrote the prominent religious journal The Parish Visitor. James T. and Electra Guernsey were the parents of Lucy and her sister Clara. Her father, James, was a philanthropist and businessman from the Rochester area who contributed to the moral and cultural development of his western New York neighborhood. Apart from his commercial endeavors, he had a significant role in horticulture's introduction to the region. Long before the abolitionist movement gained steam in the North, James was also well-known as an anti-slavery crusader, but among the community, he was most renowned for being a friend of the Native Americans.

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