Living Alone

By: Stella Benson
Published By: Double9 Books
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"Living Alone" by Stella Benson is a captivating novel that epitomizes the essence of modernist British literature, weaving together themes of feminism, independence, and social commentary. Set against the backdrop of a bohemian lifestyle, Benson's novel explores the complexities of individualism and autonomy through the lens of quirky characters and eccentricity. At its core, "Living Alone" is a celebration of independence and self-discovery, as the protagonist navigates the challenges of life with a fierce determination to forge her own path. Through Benson's nuanced portrayal of psychological depth and social commentary, the novel offers readers a thought-provoking exploration of identity and empowerment. With its vibrant prose and insightful observations, "Living Alone" captures the spirit of a generation striving for liberation and authenticity in a rapidly changing world. Benson's exploration of feminism and autonomy resonates with readers, offering a timeless portrayal of the human experience and the quest for individuality amidst societal expectations. As a work of modernist literature, "Living Alone" stands as a testament to Benson's talent as a writer and her ability to capture the complexities of human nature with wit, charm, and poignancy.

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About Author

Stella Benson

Stella Benson was an English feminist, novelist, poet, and travel writer. She was the recipient of the Benson Medal. In 1892, Benson was born in Easthope, Shropshire, to landed gentry member Ralph Beaumont Benson (1862-1911) and Caroline Essex Cholmondeley. Stella's aunt, Mary Cholmondeley, was a renowned novelist. Stella was frequently ill during her youth and adulthood. By her sixth birthday, she and her family, who lived in London, had moved repeatedly. She spent a portion of her childhood in schools in Germany and Switzerland. She began writing a diary when she was 10 years old and continued to do so throughout her life. Her parents had separated by the time she began composing poems, and she visited her father only seldom after that. When she saw him, he advised her to stop writing poetry for the time being, until she was older and more experienced. Stella, on the other hand, enhanced her writing production by branching out into book writing. Stella discovered her father's alcoholism after he died.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2024
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 114 Pages
  • ISBN-10: 9363050505
  • ISBN-13: 9789363050501
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  • Reading age: 10+
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