Leanberg 80/20 Soul Of The Toyota Way

By: Taufique Islam
Published By: Double9 Books
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Welcome to "Leanberg 80/20." This book aims to help readers understand the 18 Toyota Way secrets that can greatly improve their organization's manufacturing productivity. By revealing the often-hidden aspects of Toyota Way concepts, readers will appreciate their importance and be inspired to use them in their workplaces.
As you read this book, you'll uncover the true essence of Lean, a method that has transformed industries worldwide. Lean is a major shift in manufacturing, similar to the mass production ideas introduced by Henry Ford and Frederick Taylor in the early 20th century. After World War II, Japanese manufacturers needed to innovate due to limited domestic demand and low profits from mass production. They created a system to handle low volumes and changing market demands effectively, leading to the birth of Lean manufacturing in Japan.
However, as Lean has spread to the Western world, it's often applied without the necessary cultural changes, resulting in what is called the mechanistic form of Lean. These mechanical tools offer short-term productivity boosts but fail to address the important cultural and behavioral patterns within an organization. They only scratch the surface, while the true essence of Lean is hidden beneath a deep socio-cultural layer. Many industrial leaders get caught up in the quick benefits of these tools, ignoring the need for broader cultural transformation. In the end, the temporary gains from this approach show that the real benefits of Lean come from its deeper, cultural aspects.

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About Author

Taufique Islam

"Taufique Islam is a highly accomplished mechanical engineer, hailing from the prestigious IIEST, Shibpur, with a remarkable eighteen years of experience in the manufacturing industries. Throughout his illustrious career, he has held various pivotal positions in the construction of naval ships. Mr. Islam's passion for Lean methodologies began during his college days, where he first encountered the concept of Lean. Since then, he has been a devoted Lean fanatic, driven by a relentless desire to implement Lean principles and transform organizational efficiency. Trained in the renowned TPS (Toyota Production System) methodology by the esteemed Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Mr. Islam possesses a deep understanding of Lean principles and their practical application in the real-world context. Presently, Taufique Islam serves as a distinguished Project Leader at a renowned defense PSU (Public Sector Undertaking). His role allows him to lead and contribute significantly to impactful projects that make a difference. Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Islam is a multifaceted individual with diverse interests. He finds solace and joy in the realms of reading, writing, and quizzing, showcasing his intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Taufique Islam's remarkable journey as a mechanical engineer, his relentless pursuit of Lean principles, and his dedication to raising awareness about Lean implementation challenges in Indian culture make him an inspiring and influential figure in the field of manufacturing and beyond. His expertise and passion continue to drive positive change, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and those he encounters on his path of excellence."

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