Lady Hester; Or, Ursula's Narrative

By: Charlotte M. Yonge
Published By: Double9 Books
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About the Book

"Lady H?st?r" is a nov?l writt?n by Charlott? M. Yong?, a prolific English author known for h?r contributions to 19th-c?ntury lit?ratur?. This historical nov?l is s?t in th? R?g?ncy ?ra and ?xplor?s th? lif? and charact?r of its ?ponymous h?roin?, Lady H?st?r Stanhop?. Th? story follows Lady H?st?r, a spirit?d and unconv?ntional woman who d?fi?s th? soci?tal norms of h?r tim?. As th? ni?c? of Prim? Minist?r William Pitt th? Young?r, sh? navigat?s th? upp?r ?ch?lons of British soci?ty whil? s??king to ass?rt h?r ind?p?nd?nc? and carv? h?r own path. H?r journ?y tak?s h?r to th? Middl? East, wh?r? sh? ?mbarks on a r?markabl? and adv?nturous ?xp?dition. Yong?'s narrativ? is a vivid portrayal of Lady H?st?r's unconv?ntional lif?styl? and h?r ?ncount?rs with notabl? figur?s, including Lord Byron and various Middl? East?rn dignitari?s. Th? nov?l also d?lv?s into th? myst?ri?s surrounding h?r lat?r y?ars, as sh? b?com?s a r?clus? in th? mountains of L?banon. "Lady H?st?r" is a comp?lling ?xploration of a woman's qu?st for id?ntity and fr??dom in a soci?ty mark?d by rigid social ?xp?ctations. It off?rs r?ad?rs a glimps? into th? compl?x charact?r of a historical figur? who d?fi?d conv?ntion and l?ft an ind?libl? mark on th? annals of history.

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About Author

Charlotte M. Yonge

Charlotte M. Yonge was an English novelist and historian, born on August 11, 1823, in Otterbourne, Hampshire, England. She is best known for her prolific writing career, which spanned over 60 years and produced more than 160 works, including novels, children's books, and historical studies. Yonge's writing was strongly influenced by her deep religious beliefs and her interest in history and education. Many of her novels, such as "The Heir of Redclyffe" and "Heartsease," explore moral and religious themes and are known for their wholesome and uplifting tone. She also wrote numerous works for children, including the popular "Book of Golden Deeds," which features stories of heroism and selflessness. In addition to her writing, Yonge was a prominent figure in the Church of England and was involved in various philanthropic and educational endeavors. She founded a school for girls in her hometown and was a supporter of the National Society for Promoting Religious Education. Yonge died on May 24, 1901, in Otterbourne, Hampshire, England. Her legacy as a writer and educator continues to be celebrated, and her works remain popular with readers today.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 78Pages
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  • ISBN-13:9789359325453
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  • Country of Origin : India
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