By: Walter W. Bryant
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"Kepler," written by Walter W. Bryant, is an engrossing literary masterpiece that digs into the life and works of the famed German scientist Johannes Kepler. This biographical fiction offers readers a remarkable look into the world of 17th-century science and the revolutionary discoveries that altered our knowledge of the universe. The story of Walter W. Bryant expertly navigates the nuances of Kepler's life, detailing his difficulties, accomplishments, and enduring legacy. Readers are transported back in time to a time when seeking knowledge was met with both curiosity and opposition. His seminal work, including the three laws of planetary motion, is brought to life, emphasizing the enormous dedication and determination that propelled his scientific achievements. "Kepler" delves not only into its namesake character's scientific triumphs, but also into the issues that people he experienced, from religious disagreements to personal tragedies. Bryant's narrative offers a realistic portrayal of Kepler as a multifaceted individual, combining his scientific genius with his compassion. With an eye-catching new cover, and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of "Kepler" is both modern and readable.

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About Author

Walter W. Bryant

Walter W. Bryant was a skilled author recognized for his profound literary contributions, particularly "Kepler." He was born and died in 1865 to 1923. His writing assists people in connecting with and understanding one another. The author's works are full of originality and passion, transporting readers to other realms and emotions. Bryant's works stretched the boundaries of conventional storytelling, providing readers with a unique blend of science, philosophy, and imaginative thinking. He possessed a sharp mind and an in-depth understanding of science and the human circumstance. Bryant's literary career, which began in 1865, was marked by a keen interest in the natural world and cosmic mysteries. "Kepler," one of his most notable works, illustrates his love with science as well as his ability to merge scientific principles into interesting fiction. Bryant probably wrote about the life and achievements of Johannes Kepler, the famed German astronomer known for his laws of planetary motion, in "Kepler." While information on Walter W. Bryant's life and works is limited, his commitment to combining literature and science in "Kepler" indicates his desire to expand the scope of literary inquiry.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2023
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 48Pages
  • ISBN-10:9359320242
  • ISBN-13:9789359320243
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