Janice Meredith A Story of the American Revolution

By: Paul Leicester Ford
Published By: Double9 Books
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"Janice Meredith: A Story of the American Revolution" by Paul Leicester Ford seamlessly blends historical fiction with romance against the backdrop of the American Revolution. Set in Colonial America during the Revolutionary War, the novel immerses readers in a tale of love, patriotism, and political intrigue. As Janice Meredith navigates the tumultuous times of the Revolutionary era, readers witness her passionate romance with a patriot intertwined with the struggle for independence. Amidst the adventure and heroism of war, Ford expertly weaves in the loyalty and bravery of the characters, drawing parallels to the values upheld by the Founding Fathers. Through Janice's story, readers explore the complexities of love and loyalty amidst the backdrop of a nation fighting for its freedom. Ford's vivid portrayal of Colonial America and the Revolutionary War era captures the spirit of patriotism and the sacrifices made for the cause of independence. "Janice Meredith" stands as a timeless historical romance, celebrating the courage and resilience of those who fought for liberty while intertwining their personal stories with the broader narrative of American history.

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About Author

Paul Leicester Ford

Paul Leicester Ford, an American novelist and biographer, was born in Brooklyn as the son of Gordon Lester Ford and Emily Fowler Ford. Ford was Noah Webster's great-grandson and the brother of historian Worthington C. Ford. He wrote about the lives of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and others, edited Thomas Jefferson's works, and authored several novels that were quite successful, including The Honorable Peter Stirling, Story of an Untold Love, Janice Meredith, Wanted a Matchmaker, and Wanted a Chaperon. Ford's edition of The Writings of Thomas Jefferson is still recognized as a monument of American historical research, having established the bar for documentary editing for half a century until the publication of the first volume of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, edited by Julian P. Boyd. Ford's edition is still noteworthy for its accurate transcription from original manuscripts and meticulous annotation of the papers chosen for publishing. The Ford edition came in two versions: a 10-volume edition published between 1892 and 1896, and a 14-volume limited-numbered edition printed in 1904, known as the "Federal" edition.

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  • Publisher: Double 9 Books
  • Publishing Year: 2024
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