Hungarian Sketches in Peace and War Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Literature Vol. I

By: Mor Jokai
Published By: Double9 Books
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"Hungarian Sketches in Peace and War: Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Literature VOL. I" by Mór Jókai stands as a captivating blend of historical fiction and cultural exploration, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Hungarian literature. Through a collection of sketches and stories, Jókai navigates the complex interplay between peace and war, illuminating the nuances of Hungarian society and national identity. Set against both peaceful and wartime backdrops, Jókai's tales provide poignant insights into the social fabric of Hungary, capturing moments of tranquility as well as the tumultuous upheavals of conflict. With a keen eye for detail, Jókai crafts vivid depictions of peaceful settings contrasted with the harsh realities of war, offering readers a panoramic view of Hungarian life and history. Throughout the narrative, Jókai weaves elements of social commentary, exploring themes of resilience, identity, and the human experience amidst historical turmoil. His literary miscellany encompasses a diverse array of historical sketches, each offering a unique perspective on Hungarian culture and society. As part of Constable's Miscellany of Foreign Literature, Jókai's work represents a treasure trove of translated literature, providing readers with an invaluable glimpse into Hungarian literature and its broader significance on the global stage.

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About Author

Mor Jokai

Moricz Jokay of Asva, also known as Mor Jokai, was a Hungarian novelist, dramatist, and revolutionary. Outside of Hungary, he was known as Maurice, Maurus, or Mauritius Jokai. He was a key figure in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, which began in Pest. His romantic works quickly became famous among Victorian England's elite, and the press frequently compared him to Charles Dickens. One of his most famous admirers was Queen Victoria. He was born in Komarom, Kingdom of Hungary, to Jozsef Jokai of Asva (1781-1837), a member of the Asva branch of the historic Jokay aristocratic family, and noblewoman Maria Pulay (1790-1856). Jokai was inspired to pursue his craft after receiving appreciation from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for his debut play, Zsido fiu ('Jewish Boy'). In 1845, he relocated to Pest, where Petofi introduced him to literary groups. Pesti Divatlap released his first notable work as a serial that same year, followed by a hardback version in 1846. It was met with widespread critical acclaim. The following year, Jokai was appointed editor of Eletkepek, Hungary's main literary journal, and formed a network of young authors around himself.

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