How to Teach a Foreign Language

By: Otto Jespersen
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"How to Teach a Foreign Language" by Otto Jespersen is a seminal work in the realm of language teaching pedagogy. This authoritative text, rooted in linguistic theory and educational practice, serves as a comprehensive guide for educators navigating the complexities of second language acquisition. Through an exploration of instructional strategies, classroom techniques, and curriculum development, Jespersen empowers teachers to effectively facilitate foreign language learning. Grounded in educational theory and informed by Jespersen's expertise in linguistics, this book emphasizes the importance of a communicative approach to language teaching. Jespersen delves into the intricacies of language learning, providing insights into cultural immersion and proficiency levels. From designing engaging lesson plans to fostering language proficiency, Jespersen offers practical advice and theoretical underpinnings to support educators in their teaching endeavors. With its emphasis on effective pedagogy and language acquisition theories, "How to Teach a Foreign Language" transcends mere instruction; it becomes a cornerstone of language education. Whether novice or experienced educators, readers will find valuable insights and actionable strategies within these pages, making this book an indispensable resource in the field of language teaching.

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About Author

Otto Jespersen

Jens Otto Harry Jespersen, a Danish linguist, specializing in English grammar. Steven Mithen referred to him as "one of the greatest language scholars of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries." Otto Jespersen was born in Randers, Jutland. As a kid, he was attracted by the work of Danish philologist Rasmus Rask, and he taught himself Icelandic, Italian, and Spanish using Rask's grammar. He enrolled in the University of Copenhagen in 1877 at the age of 17, originally studying law but also learning languages. In 1881, he changed his entire concentration to languages, and in 1887, he received his master's degree in French, with English and Latin as secondary languages. In June 1886, Jespersen joined the International Phonetic Association, which was then known as The Phonetic Teachers' Association. In fact, in a letter to Paul Passy, Jespersen proposed the notion of constructing a phonetic alphabet that could be utilized by all languages. From 1887 to 1888, he visited England, Germany, and France, where he met linguists like as Henry Sweet and Paul Passy and attended lectures at universities such as Oxford. On the recommendation of his professor Vilhelm Thomsen, he returned to Copenhagen in August 1888 to begin work on his PhD dissertation on the English case system. He successfully defended his dissertation in 1891.

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